Privacy Policy

Being a customer-oriented company, we believe that the personal information
customers share with us are very crucial and important. We make sure that each
part of that information should be kept secure with us and do not get leaked or
misuse. We have a separate privacy department for the security of the data that
customers share with us and we a team of specialists working day and night to
maintain the privacy of the customers. It is our responsibility that we maintain
the confidentiality of the customers and do not create any issue with their
personal information. While registering with us, customers are various personal
information with us such as their name, contact number, email address,
residential address, etc. and most importantly, their Facebook or Google
accounts get linked to pour social website to sign up. The data they customers
submit crucially and an important one very much, and therefore, we do not leave
any scope of carelessness with that. The team of specialist always and always
look after to maintain security and adequately.
After considering all the aspects of the data shared by the customers, we keep
them in separate files, and we have virtual life of each and every customer
where their data is being recorded and is secured by a password that only
customers and one of the team social know. Our team socials are very much

trusted, and they are very professional with their work. We have all the data from
our team ocials as well due to which we are sure that our customer’s data is
very much saved with them. Hence, the privacy policy that we carry is very much
effective and full the requirements and the security aspect of our customers.
We have a registered privacy policy by the business laws, and therefore,
customers sh0ould not worry at all about the data and information they share
with us. Being a prominent gadget company, our technological background is
anyway very strong and therefore, we always come with one or the other better
security option for our customers. We have a separate privacy policy for each of
our customers which is yet another essential aspect of our security purpose. The
customers when register with us, they have their different purpose and therefore,
the information they share depends upon their needs and requirements. While
registering, we show them the privacy policy of our company which is given by
the law and after reading, customers sign that privacy policy document.