Vivo X50 Pro+, the exclusive. the phone is it worth to buy?


At the end of February, Vivo introduced a rather intriguing feature for its APEX 2020 concept phone: a tiny “gimbal-like structure” for the primary camera, which was believed to provide  No further explanation was given at the time, today Vivo decided to provide a technical look at its micro gimbal camera as it prepares to launch the feature for the first time on the upcoming Vivo X50 Pro, due out in China on June 1.

 The module takes up much more space to accommodate this mechanism consisting of a magnetic frame controlled by voice coils (a concept similar to the conventional OIS but further perfected), together with a bracket connected to the base with double ball bearings. Together, these allow angles of inclination of the X and Y axes of up to 3 degrees each, which is three times higher than that of the traditional OIS.

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Vivo X50 Pro Packaging and content

In the package, we find a silicone cover, the type-A to C data cable and the 65W power supply with which you can only charge this device since it uses proprietary technology.

Vivo X50 Pro Design and touch-and-feel materials

Beautiful back cover in frosted glass that creates stunning coppery / bronzed / red effects. The camera module does not protrude very much, when placed on a surface it dances slightly, but very little compared to other phones. On the front panel, we find a dual camera that steals some space, but the hole is not huge and the second camera is useful since it is a wide-angle. It holds well in hand, is 8.9mm thick and weighs 205g, not one of those phones that slips out of your hands. The vibration feedback is very lovely; it is haptic.


Unlocking takes place with the fingerprint sensor positioned under the display. The always-on display is not interactive but notifies practically everything. It is not a dual sim, and there is no memory expansion. The Type-C port also allows video output, present the NFC chip, Bluetooth 5.1., WiFi 6 and 5G connectivity is both stand-alone and non-standalone. The headphone jack is missing.

Vivo X50 Pro Display

The display is a 6.44 “FullHD SuperAmoled HDR10 + unit with 90hz refresh rate. Very lovely, the viewing angle is perfect. Present dark mode and eye protection filter. The display refresh rate can also be set automatically by the software. I much prefer a high frequency than resolution.

Vivo X50 Pro Processor and memory

The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, accompanied depending on the cuts from 6/8/12 Gb of RAM. It runs very fast and super smooth.

Vivo X50 Pro Battery

The battery is a 4200Mah that charges 100% in 35 minutes and 50% in 12 minutes using its power supply. There are problems with the software regarding usage statistics like all Oppos and Realms. In the evening, you arrive with 30% autonomy with stress use and 35-40% with regular use. Does not heat during everyday use, slightly warms up when playing games—no wireless charging.

Vivo X50 Pro Software and ecosystem

Android 10, the security patches are updated in March, and the UI is Realme 1.0, which I found useful. Present the gestures, the ability to double-tap on display to lock the device, the swipe down for notifications and the ability to create a double app for social apps. In general, it is a phone with very reliable software, never a disconnection any disconnection or problem.

Telephone department

Hands-free audio is mono but feels good. The call cannot be recorded. It feels good and has good reception; the 4G-5G switch is also right.

Photo and video

The rear cameras are four: the main one is from 64MP there are then a 2x from 12MP an 8MP wide-angle and a 2MP in black and white to make the bokeh effect. There are two front cameras: the primary 32MP and the 8MP wide-angle.

The multimedia part is the part that I least liked about this phone, the one where perhaps they have saved a little, not so much for the fast focusing, nor for the wide-angle, but for the 2x zoom, which does not have fantastic quality, and for photos at night. He doesn’t take bad pictures, but I say this in comparison with other top-of-the-range, let’s say he takes pictures like a good mid-range, for social media they are fine. Videos can be shot in 1080p 30fps with all cameras if we choose to shoot them in 4K or 60fps the wide-angle lens is not supported, and only the primary camera will be used—good stabilization which is software only. The videos are quite good, stabilized enough and the zoom well enough, in short, they are a fair bit. Comparing it with other top cameraphones, he is a good mid-range. The photos are in focus for its price while the specifications and speed skills are higher than what it costs. Macros not great.


It can be Excellent audio, excellent “stereo” and volume. Dolby Atmos present. Is can be here 3D song and 8D smoothly song


Apps and gaming

Real racing starts in 7 “, there is the” game space “to customize the settings and put the processor at maximum performance.

Final judgement

The 128Gb version costs 599 euros an india 52028rs , the version with 256Gb 669 euros and the version with 12gb of ram and 256gb of memory of my test is 749 euros. I would go on the one for 5599 because I am sure to be equally performing at this one I have tried. The 12 Gb of ram could be used to keep some more apps open but trust me you don’t feel the difference, and 599 euros is a price, the hardware is top, the camera sector is a good medium-range, and in any case for photos on social media, that’s fine. The software is stable, well made and reliable.

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