SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S7 AND S7 PLUS, Everything you need to know before buy


When Samsung keeps fighting the good fight despite the sorry state of the broader Android tablet ecosystem, the new tablets. Is snappy processor 5G support the iconic S Pen and Samsung’s productivity software? For years Samsung has been trying to make the perfect two at once. It seems to have given up on the window space, Galaxy book, tablet line to focus on the Galaxy Tab that probably has something to do with androids far larger app library, but Google’s OS at Multitasking and doesn’t exactly shine on a larger screen.

 The Samsung tablets come up with its own work and multi window support and ex mode. You also understand this after using these tablets for someday that how good is galaxy series. As my main system and this is the nearest to a galaxy tab is never come to being good enough to be a daily use but there are a few restrictions to keep the tablets. Be a true laptop replacement. There are so many Galaxy tablets in the past few months that there’s not much left to say. Samsung has nailed that app series design over the years, and the Tab S7 and S7 plus are both beautiful, luxurious lapse of glass and metal.


Samsung is launching his two versions of the Galaxy Tab S right out in the market. You have the 11 inch Galaxy Tab S7 and the 12.4 inch Galaxy Tab as seven plus those screen dimensions are pretty close to apples equivalent products and that’s probably no accident. Both versions are powered has a Snapdragon 865 plus processor, which is the best for you on Android tablet right now, Samsung S7 is available in  6GB of ram and 128GB of internal storage and Samsung S7 plus is available in 8GB of ram and 256GB of internal storage. Both models support Micro South Dakota expansion. Besides the size difference. The displays use different technologies.

The cheaper Galaxy Tab S7 features an 11 inch LCD display, while the S7 plus goes a mold and adopts a slider, taller form factor, regardless of which you choose, you’ll get a smooth 120 Hertz refresh rate. The more expensive sets blend with a fingerprint sensor in its screen. However, the Galaxy tab is 7, gets the less powered, but has more reliable physical sensor embedded in a side key. The Tab S7 features in 8000 mAh battery, while the Samsung Tab S7 plus has increase the battery with 10,090 mAh fast charging up to 45 Watts. If you pay for a special charger, it’s not clear right now what speeds you’re getting from the bundle charger. Other features converge on the two models. A 13 mega pixels Menon, 5 mega pixels wide cameras combo on the back and eight megapixels. One on the front.


Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos optimizations, USB type C Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi 6LT and for the first time 5G. Samsung Galaxy tabs has the first 5g connectivity tablets in US. Considering these devices are geared towards professionals who may actually need the high speed, an reduced latency afforded by 5G networks, that’s a good feature to have the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 features has similar capabilities as the S Pen of the with the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 ultra. Samsung didn’t add a whole lot of functionality to its iconic design this time.

 After adding some additional features Samsung galaxy make gestures with the S Pen to take a screenshot, go to the home screen. Share an second screen which turns the tablet into a secondary monitor. In the United States, the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will be starting at $649.99. and the Samsung  Galaxy Tab S7 plus will start from $849.99. You will get to pick from Mystic, Black, Mystic, Silver and Mystic Bronze, while an S Pen is bundled, you’ll have to pay extra for accessories like the book cover keyboard. Book cover or Bluetooth Mouse. The tab duo will also be coming to the UK, the Galaxy Tab S7 will start at 619 pounds while the Galaxy Tab has seven plus goes up to 799 pounds.

 Those who preorder will also get to choose between a Galaxy gaming bundle, which includes a game controller and the three month subscription for Xbox game pass ultimate for a book cover case as a free bonus. They’re both about equally bright an offer speedy 120 Hertz refresh rates for a smooth scrolling and Animations were supported. The only difference I notice was that when I pulled up. A white image, the S7 screen looks slightly yellowish compared to the S7 plus. Although I would like a little more base, but that is a problem that’s shared by most devices, including laptops and smartphones, so this isn’t a huge surprise.

The most interesting features, about the Galaxy Tab S7 plus and Galaxy Tab S7 are the As pens. Let’s talk  about the pen. First I’ve got the Aspen here for the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Aspen of  S7 plus, but it doesn’t matter which one it is because the aspens are interchangeable. Any of these are working similar on both the devices.

But there are some features that we, the S7 and  S 7 + aspen, which any ordinary aspen simple one without a battery does not, because these as I said, have a battery built in, but they don’t need to be charged to handwriting or to use on the screen. There used for Bluetooth suggestions that I will show you in a moment. To charge depends on both cases. You just place the magnetically on the back here and they get charged.

There’s a little animation that will pop up. Let me quickly tell you here. There you go that saw that how many percentage is are charged, so you can take it away if you want. You can also place this magnetically on the top there of the screen, but that’s just for show. It does not get charged that way, but you can grab it easily if it’s charged already or if you  don’t need Sosa gestures. That is the case on both tablets. You can always play some magnetically on the top here. Let’s take a deep analysis at the pens. They’re made of plastic. They don’t feel super high end causes it’s just. Plastic there very light, which certainly is nice and they’ve got the size of.

 This pen, or maybe a little bit thicker pencil or some pencils. The size is comfortable, it’s not as thick as the Microsoft Surface pen or the Apple pencil. But yeah, things are size is OK. We don’t get any button on the top. There’s only one button on the side which can be used for gestures or to switch from a pen to erase or so. Then we get a pressure sensitive tip which supports 4009. 6 levels of pressure sensitivity, which means you can give preference to galaxy  S7 plus special compared to the Galaxy Tab S6 light for instance, or the Galaxy tab 4, S3 and so on.


Both have a 5G Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and s7 plus features 5G connectivity. In US this is the first 5g connectivity tablets.

The  Solid Processor And RAM of s7 and s7 plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 features the new Snapdragon 865+ chipset. And it comes with 6GB of RAM for the 128GB storage whereas galaxy s7 plus has  8GB of RAM with the 256GB storage version.

The High Quality Cameras of s7 and s7 plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and s7 plus has a dual 13-megapixel main camera (f/ 2.0 and AF) and 5-megapixel wide-angle (f/2.2) camera on the rear. And the front camera, is 8 megapixel camera for high quality selfies and videos.

The Crystal Clear Audio sound of s7 and s7 plus.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 plus has a crystal clear audio quality with quad Dolby Atmos speaker are there  which makes the audio on the device feel more clear and impressive.

The Expandable Storage of S7 and S7 plus

Both the galaxy tab s7 and s7 plus has offering  128GB and 256GB storage options, the storage on the Tab S7 is expandable via microSD.


The galaxy s7 has a 8000 mAh with fast charging whereas the galaxy S7 plus has a battery power of 1090 mAh with super fast charging.

Updated Style of s7 and s7 plus

The Galaxy Tab S7 and s7 plus has an updated S Pen with great features, which is included with the device. It is the same as updated style which  comes with the Note 20 Ultra.


The Samsung galaxy DeX Has Room To Be Improved in both s7 and s7 plus

The Tab S7 and s7 plus has features Samsung DeX so you can switch from an Android tablet to feel more like a laptop. It  gives you power to control of the windows of the apps you have open.

DeX has plenty of room to improve Windows and iPadOS. It has the clunky DeX experience at times and since many Android apps adapt to the Samsung DeX interface.

Both Samsung  galaxy s7 and s7 plus has a LCD Instead Of OLED

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and s7 plus has  features an 11-inch LCD rather than an OLED used on its S7+ counterpart. But, the galaxy Tab S7 display has a 120 Hz refresh rate which gives a sharp look.

Premium Price

To buy a Samsung galaxy tab s7 and galaxy s7 plus  first you need to know that it is not cheap in price. The price starts at $649 for the base model, whereas If you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7+, it will not come cheap. The starting price starts at $849 for the galaxy tab s7 plus.

The Pulse 2.0 Score of  s7 and s7 plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 and  S7+ has received a Pulse 2.0 score of 4.5 out of 5. The score were decided if the price was higher and there are more competitive compared to other tablets.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 plus ; PRICE AND LAUNCHED DATE IN INDIA.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S7 plus in India is set up to Rs.79,999

The officially launched date of this tablet is to 15 july,2020.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S7 in India is set up to Rs.55,999.

The officially launched date of this tablet in India is 20 September,2020.

The price of both the tablets can very with the design, and storage of the tablets.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus and Galaxy S7 are far better Android tablet then compared to any others. Samsung provides everything right in its caliber to make this a great tab and a decent productivity machine and supply a whole package. But, the lack of optimized apps to initiate advantage of both larger display and therefore Dex mode is what holds it back from the competition. Although, we will  not deny that Samsung is on the correct track and things have improved. A lot of apps currently support the Dex mode, as well as the Microsoft Office apps, Samsung apps, and games. However Samsung has possess to do more than that here.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and Galaxy s7 is the tablet that the Android tab ecosystem needs right now or let’s ingeminate it as that is however the Android tab should have ought been from the start.. It has got to the right correct hardware, premium style,, gorgeous screen, styles support, huge battery, and a pair of cameras that do not baffle. One may say that the Galaxy Tab series  has all the ingredients to mark the start of a new replacement era for Android tabs.


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