One Plus has come up with a new series that is One Plus Nord with 5G technology. It has created a spark in the minds of people because of its outstanding features. I am sure it will cover a lot of markets. People will buy this phone like crazy


It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G, which makes the smartphone smoother and faster.
Has Fluid AMOLED display, which makes the phone look bright, sharp, and brilliant, it gives the phone a premium look which One Plus never compromises on.

Has Optical Image Stabilization, a flagship camera, which gives the best shot. Has Dual front camera, go and get yourself clicked. Oxygen OS software is present and has various optimizations. It weighs around 185g and has a dual sim feature. The size of the display is 6.44 inches and the resolution 1080×2400 pixels. It is one of the best quality for the display and gives a clear view.

The internal memory is 128GB with 6GB RAM. The primary camera has excellent quality and resolution. It is 48MP or 26mm wide, 8MP or 14mm ultrawide, 5MP and 2MP. Sele camera is 32MP wide and 8MP ultrawide. The video quality is 1080p It has a great sound, GPS facility, Bluetooth, and a USB 2.0, Type- C for charging.
There is a fingerprint sensor; there is no one who can touch your phone without your permission.

We always think about your privacy and will keep your privacy in mind in the future also.
The battery is non-removable, and fast charging facility is there. One plus Nord comes in three different colours: Blue Marble, Gray Ash, Gray Onyx. They are one of the most stylish and premium colours.


One Plus is a budget-friendly smartphone with all the features one would love to have. The company has grabbed a lot of attention in the market and is best for android users. It upgrades its models from time to time, and people love upgrading their phones with the new launch. The cons of One Plus arenothing as compared to its pros. One of the most remarkable features of the phone is its camera. The lens is so great that you can compare the picture clicked from this phone with that of the DSLR.

This is indeed a great and best phone that you can have. One can use this phone for blogging or can use this for even filming small movies. You can do video call feel the presence of your loved ones around you because of the best quality camera and best quality video.
In this pandemic time people are studying online, all the classes are done online. You can have uninterrupted browsing with great internet, and the phone would work smoothly with you getting any distractions. You can play games for time pass with the highest quality feature and experience the best gaming. These days, people spend a lot of time on phone scrolling through social media, learning new things, attending workshops, and attending hobby classes. We give you an uninterrupted experience with an unobstructed view.

Advantages of One Plus Nord and One Plus series:

Performance: When it comes to performance One Plus always does wonders and ranks high, it is called one of the fastest smartphone performance-wise. The processors of One plus phones are the best since the beginning. One Plus 8 came up with the best soc called Snapdragon 865. The phone runs anything; you can browse big data or simple data, any hardcore game, or video playback. One Plus was the first phone that came up with a high refresh rate display for One plus 7pro. It is the feature that adds up to the speed of the phone. Doing any work on the phone, or scrolling through social media has become much smoother. What else would a person love to have in a budget?

  • Design and Build Quality: Any person who wants a smartphone likes to have one which has a great design and a good built. One Plus never compromises in the quality, material choice, and design; they keep on experimenting, and fortunately, it works in their favor. If you carry the phone in your hand, it feels like a premium quality phone with a glass sandwich design. It has a fantastic display and comes with Gorilla Glass protection, which protects the phone from any kind of scratches through dropping.
  • Operating System and Software: One Plus has various customization features with a smooth UI; it has no Bloatware and has the best operating system. There are constant software updates received, and every time the phone feels like a new one. It improves the performance of the phone. You get three major updates every time. One Plus comes with a charger that charges the phone very quickly and is one of the best chargers.
  • Camera: It has one of the nest camera that any other phone. The clarity is so excellent and has a lot of useful features. Some people buy this phone just because it has a great camera. If you want to invest your money on the phone with a good camera, then One Plus is the choice.
  • Customer Service: It has an excellent customer service feature; they always reply to you instantly and gives you the instant service for it.

 Cons: There are no cons as such, the only thing about it is you do not get the accessories in the market quickly. You have to scroll through the internet to buy its stuff.

The series of phone One Plus launched and their year is:

  • One plus one: It was called “The Flagship Killer” and was launched in the year 2014.
  • One Plus 2: It was one of the highly successful smartphones and was launched in 2015. The expectations started increasing from One Plus as it always created a hype in the minds of people.
  • One Plus X: It was a budget phone, 5 inches in size. It came in the year 2015.
  • One Plus 3: launched in 2016. It was the rst “metal unibody phone.
  • ” One Plus 3t: It was given an upgrade from One Plus 3 phone and was launched on November 15, 2016. It came with a higher capacity battery.
  • One Plus 5: They skipped the 4th edition and jumped to the 5th edition, unveiled on June 20, 2017.
  • One Plus 5t: Launched on November 16, 2017. The phone was the same as its previous version One Plus 5 with some upgraded version.
  • One Plus 6: It started its launch on May 17, 2018, and the sales of this phone increased drastically.
  • One Plus 6T: It was unveiled on October 29, 2018, and is one of the best and most wanted phones in that year. The popularity of the phone grew, such that it makes into Guinness Book of World Record.
  • One Plus 7 and One Plus 7 Pro: It was launched in 2019, dated May 14.
  • One Plus 7T and One Plus 7T pro: It was launched on September 26, 2019, and started its sale on September 28.


                             One Plus launched the rst phone in 2014 as “One Plus one,” which hit the tech community’s market. It had all the hardware and software. There was a flagship processor mostly found in costly phones, which received a tag as “The Flagship Killer.” At that time, not many people could buy the phone because the production was less, and customers could only buy it through a special invite system.

                                        One Plus took its place in the market and became a global company from a small company and reached about 34 countries worldwide. The sale increased in 2017 and 2018 by 45%. It became one of the significant and fastest-growing company all over the world.

                                        It took its highest place in the Indian Premium Smartphone market in the year 2019. The shares were 33% and 3rd in the Indian Market.

                                       The company came into existence 6 years ago, and it is doing wonders in the market; day by day, sales are increasing. They have successfully brought their One Plus 8 series, and people are like crazy about it. They are launching a new series named One Plus Nord, which has again created a spark in the minds of people, and pre-booking has started.

About One Plus:

                                         One Plus is one of the nest Smart Phones, which was founded in December 2013. It is a Chinese smartphone which serves 34 countries and region in the world. They have a series of phone and have released various telephones. The aim of developing this phone was to provide all the features but at an affordable rate. This is why the company is known by its tag line “NEVER SETTLE,” which means consumers do not have to stick on a substantial phone just because their budget is not allowing them.