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One plus 8t

Even though the OnePlus 8T hasn’t officially launched yet (and the OnePlus 8T Pro is still circulating), there have been lots of rumors and leaks about what to expect. The latest news confirms the expected lock display specifications for the new device, as well as the launch date for the new phone.

One of the most important unknowns for the OnePlus 8T range is whether we’ll see the 8T Pro. Recent leaks suggest that won’t happen, but what’s most recent is that a Pro model is coming – with complications straight from OnePlus suggesting its inclusion. The publication of manuals for unannounced devices known to the infamous Evan Blass leaked, but they have already been downloaded.

We’ll have to wait and see the full confirmation of both devices, but now let’s get into the specs, design, release date, and display details. Read on for all the info on the upcoming OnePlus 8T.

One plus 8t Spece

We thought it would happen, but now OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 8T has a 120Hz screen. Before that, the OnePlus 8 Pro should be thrown away due to its very high refresh rate, but this is not your usual flagship. OnePlus calls this panel “a very smooth 120Hz liquid display.” Ultra looks set to be the centerpiece of the upcoming 8T release.

“Ultra Stop at Nothing” was used as a slogan to mark the start of the show. It’s unclear what OnePlus is aiming for, but it could point to a feature that other manufacturers define as “Ultra” (Push, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Push) and lower wallet prices.

Along with the expectation that the OnePlus 8T will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, a new report has been released that this new flagship will be fully launched in other departments as well. Here is a complete list of the specifications provided by Android Central.

One plus 8t Cameras

The main camera is a 48MP Sony IMX586 compliant 12MP. Almost every flagship from 2019 relies on this sensor. This phone does not have optical zoom, so zooming is done digitally.

Image quality can range from very good to poor, depending on the type of photo you are taking. Most of the shots taken with the main camera are very high quality. They exhibit sharp focus, great colors and mostly accurate lighting. Wide-angle camera images look sharp and crisp, but they are a little distorted and a little washed out.

Photo quality varies from very good to bad depending on the type of photo being taken. Most of the footage taken with the main camera is quite robust. They show sharp focus, great colors, and mostly accurate lighting. The image from the wide-angle camera appears sharp and clean but is slightly distorted and slightly faded. Macros do a really good job (see flower close-up below).


One plus 8t Design

OnePlus has long relied on the efficiency of modern and simple design. If you look back at phones like the OnePlus 5 and 6 series, you’ll find that the OnePlus simplifies itself almost to the point of being bland. The company is getting excited about the OnePlus 7 series, which introduces a larger size and bolder colors. The OnePlus 8 takes the natural next step on this evolutionary path.

 OnePlus offers an attractive blue color on its old phone, but those 8 steps extend the color options to Onyx Black, Glacial Green, and Interstellar Glow. Unfortunately, Onyx Black and Glacial Green are only available with 8 GB of memory. You’ll need to upgrade to the $ 799 Interstellar Glow model if you want the best RAM/storage combination. OnePlus gave us the last of the three and it’s amazing.

 Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 family, the OnePlus 8 also has a high gloss finish, the color changes depending on the viewing angle. It looks like the sun is setting off the west coast. While you might be using a case on a phone (and really recommend checking out this option), it’s one of the most striking phones from OnePlus. Worth seeing and showing. I hope he’s not good at bad fingerprints.

Nice color aside, the design is exactly what you’d expect from this 2020 flagship. The curved glass wrapped around the front and back is separated only by the thin aluminum bars that support the chassis. OnePlus does a great job of marrying metal and glass. The stitches between the two were barely visible. The frame is like chrome in its reflectivity.

One plus 8t Display

The OnePlus 8 Pro has one of the best displays we’ve tested, especially when it comes to color accuracy. The smaller 8 screens are installed in different ballrooms, though still very, very good.

OnePlus is one of the previous high-refresh implementation ads. Last year we saw a 90Hz panel on the OnePlus 7T. The OnePlus 8 Pro jumps to the Quad HD Plus display at 120Hz. However, the 8 has a Full HD + 90Hz display, which means it has fewer pixels and isn’t as fast as the update, regardless of the screen speeds of Google, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

 The factory settings for most phones that support high resolutions and frame rates (including the 8 Pro, S20, etc.) are Full HD + and 60 Hz. In other words, you have to try and find a better experience.

Even though the specifications were smaller, I couldn’t break the screen. This impresses the eye, especially when it’s set to 90 Hz. Movement is smooth, colors are bright, and the resolution is more than adequate for the needs of the average smartphone owner.

Unlike the old OnePlus panels, this one panel has a hole for the selfie camera. (No more pop-up cameras!) The hole is in the top left corner that’s practically invisible. I think it’s great that OnePlus lets you hide parts of the camera to some extent by controlling the color of the status bar. Personally, I think it looks better when you look at it.

Finally, the fingerprint scanner is located under the glass near the bottom edge. Now that we have several generations in the field of sub-display scanner technology, I can tell you that this is one of the broadcasts they can receive the most. It takes a second to practice, but it’s fast and consistent. I’ll call it as fast as a template, and even faster than a four or six-digit PIN. OnePlus Reader outperforms the Pixel 4 XL, V60, and S20. There’s a face lock with the camera if that’s what you prefer.