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6.Redmi note 9 pro max


Redmi k20 is the latest mid Ranger from Xiaomi Redmi K20. It’s also known as Me 90 for a few markets and it is priced lower than the flagship K20 Pro. Interestingly, you are getting these same schematics, same design, display battery. Almost everything is same except the CPU camera and there’s 27 Watt charging support with the K20 Pro.

 The design SoC and rear camera so it comes with this fire. Nice looking texture which looks cool. The flame red was too much so I just make the ice blue. Looks decent. By the way, they are using Euler Glass 5 boot on front and back panels, so that’s great. But one drop and it’s gone for short, so better use the hard case which comes to this box itself.

 There’s a full screen 6.39 inches emulate panel on front, and I think this one is the best it display from this price segment. It’s not as bright as Samsung phones, but. It is enough to be viewable in the bright lighting conditions and they got this gorgeous full screen design, this also acts as a Lily notification and battery charging light so. dates impressive headphone jack. it has the Snapdragon 730 which is somewhat equal into the last years Snapdragon 845 in terms of the performance and all and have a speed test coming really soon. So subscribe right now for it. Then it can clip up jet high graphics. There’s no option for ultra or extreme. Which is there in the Snapdragon 855 phones? However, at this price, this is the first smart phone with the Snapdragon 730.

 This is having 6 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage. Should have been 128 at least at this price surprise there selling for and what makes it more disappointing is the operating system.

It has a C type Port fingerprint sensors 7th generation optical. It’s still great. The K20 has all the flagship grade design inside the mid range smartphone. So All in all, I have no complaints with this design.

Cameras on the back panel is 48 megapixel Sony IMX 582 sensor which great as the MX586 sensor, but definitely can give you amazing shorts both in the lighting conditions and low lighting condition and I was actually impressed to see this camera performance. It has this 20 Mega Pixel sensor on the front.

The price of Redmi K20 in india is set up to Rs. 17,999.

The launching date of this smart phone is 22 July, 2019.


Motorola is well known for making great budget and mid range phones and it seems like their latest midrange are the Motorola 1 Fusion plus is no different. It has a huge battery, a good ship set, an A large screen which is an marred by any hole punches or cut outs. That said, the mid range is a pretty difficult segments of competing.

The Fusion plus has a gorilla glass in front and a single piece of plastic makes up the frame and back of the phone. There is splash resistance, but not IP68 protections. You can’t exactly give it a wash to get rid of some smudges. On the back you’ll also find a rear mounted fingerprint reader, which works nicely in the quad camera setup. Motorola is calling this their total vision displayed. this is things to a pop up selfie camera at the top of the phone and of course it features fall detection

It has a 6.5 inch IP S LCD is a very good one for the price. It has a full HD resolution, 396 PPI and it even supports HD or attend. You will really be able to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows. It’s still nice to see here and you’ll find that it also supports us in radio. There’s a single speaker at the bottom which wasn’t overly loud.  

The phone’s battery is a huge 5000 mAh, and to no one’s surprise, it had fantastic performance with a score of 136 hours on our endurance tests. Motorola’s claims of two day battery life seem pretty substantiated here,18 Watt fast Charger.

The fusion plus has a Snapdragon 730 chipset and 6 GB of RAM and a internal storage of 128 GB. It offers a lot of performance for the price and it had good numbers on her tests, so no matter the task the phone should be snappy even gaming, which has a smooth experience as far as software is concerned.

The Motorola 1 Fusion plus has Android 10 with Motors. Very clean UI on top.

 The Motorola 1 Fusion has 4  cameras on the back. The 64 Mega Pixel main sensor, an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 5 megapixel macro camp, and a 2 megapixel depth sensor,  their main camera shoots at 16 mega pixels by default the photos are excellent for its class with fantastic contrast and dynamic range.

The price of Motorola Fusion plus in india is set to Rs. 16,999 – 17,999.

The officially launched date of this phone was 24 June,2020.



In the past year, Realme series has done one hell of a job in India. They’ve learned some awesome phones at very affordable price points and now we have a very good competitor to Xiaomi and that is a very tough thing to do. But real me has achieved that and the prime example of what I’m talking about is this phone, The Realme X2.

It has a Snapdragon 730 G processor. And as far as the storage options go you get 64 GB and128GB of internal storage. No one or something weird is that you get to see the dedicated micro SD card slot and that is very important in the budget segment, The experience is very smooth, no lag whatsoever, and day-to-day tasks like checking email to plan to WhatsApp messages, browsing through Instagram, YouTube playing your favorite games like pub. G everything is super smooth on real me X2.

 No one other things that I don’t like about this phone is the software, so it comes with color OS6 on top of Android. So color 6 is good at all and I just hope that the color 7 update comes really soon to this phone or the real me UI update that has.

 It has a 6.5 inch amulet display with a resolution of full HD plus, so things like watching movies or YouTube videos. playing games or in general navigating

It has a massive battery of 4000 mAh power battery with 30 watt super fast charging, which will easily last you through the day and some part of the next day as well. And the charger is provided in the box itself, so you do not have to go ahead and buy a separate charger.

In fact it’s the exact same setup 64 Mega Pixel primary camera, an ultra wide angle camera, macro camera and a depth sensor. So yeah, you do get full cameras and out of the four cameras you get 3. Different perspectives, so there’s the normal camera. The Ultra wide angle perspective, and the macro perspective. Now when it comes to the actual photos, really Expo is capable of taking some really good photos in all sorts of lighting conditions. It has the fingerprint sensor, and headphone Jack. Yes, this phone does come with the headphone Jack and the output from the headphone Jack is pretty good as well.   

The price of Realme X2 is set up to Rs.17,999 -19,390.

The officially launched date in India was 20 December,2019.


The brand new Poco X2. So First off on the design front right off the bat, yes, all the guesses were true family. So and this is indeed the Redmi  re branded. The book we might not have had a brilliant design, but at least it was evening would be honest so far.

 This is a 6.67 inch IPS LCD display with HD r10 dual partial and most Interestingly a high refresh rate of 120 Hertz. Now personally, I would have liked it. And if a pool is anything to go by, a lot of people think the same, so we will be doing a detailed comparison between 60 Hertz. Average was 120 Hertz, IPS LCD complained.

The Poco x2 extra has a side mounted fingerprint scanner. The hybrid dual SIM micro SD slot, the usual single speaker, USB Seaport and the good old headphone Jack. Anyway, let’s talk under the hood now. We like the Redmi 34G version. The Poco extra comes with a Snapdragon 730 G chipset with up to 8GB ram and 256 gigs of rom 2.1 storage. Now these are not out of the world extraordinary specs, but that’s properties of both have to. But for mid range smartphone these are political specs, so let’s check out the benchmarks. When the benchmark scores are pretty good, the phone easily piece that had been noted through and it is similar to what you get with the deal mean X2, which has the same chipset onboard.

The book where extra packs in a quart camera setup featuring a 64 Mega Pixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens are two megapixel macro lens. Anatomical pixel dead set now what’s interesting here is that the 64 mega pixel camera is the new Sony IMX six 8664 Mega Pixel sensor. So it’ll be interesting to see how it fares against the other 64 mega pixel sensors of, say, the noted pro or any extra. Anyway, take a look at some photos I have taken from the X2.

The price of Poco x2 in India is set up to Rs.18,999.

The officially launched day of Poco x2 in India was 2 February,2020.


 India will be very familiar with Realme . And  just launched this brand new Realme 6 pro and I think it really does deserve the attention of the people over here, you  seriously consider the Realme 6 pro if you’re looking for a mid range smartphone

In this price category Realme 6 come with 6 camera this one has two on the front, four in the back and really haven’t cut any corners when it comes to camera. Quality with the primary rear camera being a mighty 64 megapixels Samsung isoscele sensor. Telephoto zoom lens capable of up to 20X zoom and macro lens for very close range, detailed shots and a 119 degree ultra wide camera and as well as that you even got a dedicated nightscape 3.0 camera mode for night photography and I will be testing this out. and when we look at the front side of the device we have a jewel shooter in the screen and the primary 16 mega pixel camera is actually a sony sensor and is capable of 1080P at 120 frames per second video so that’s awesome and then you’ve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide for those groups selfies.

The battery life in Realme 6 pro has a 4300 mAh hour battery which is more than enough for most people for most days and generally speaking that’s quite a big battery in comparison to the lot of the other smartphones out there in this price range.

It has the fastest Snapdragon 720 G smartphone and for gaming or maybe graphics and quite honestly, this Snapdragon might be the best system on chip on the market today. And compared to last year’s midrange Snapdragon chipset is up 75%. Performance and the AI performances.

It has dual speaker and it supports Dolby Atmos and hi razz sound quality and is pretty loud and is quite satisfactory for a bit of gaming action or some YouTube binge sessions. It has a Gorilla Glass 5 in front and back, 8 GB of ram, 128 GB of storage classes, expandable memory card trade. It has  a dual SIM card tray at the same time. So essentially you got three slots and is running Android 10 straight out of the box and as well as that got side mounted, power button and big proofreader in one and is surprisingly swift.

The price of Realme 6 pro is set up to Rs.18,999.

The official launched date in India was 13 March,2020 .

Redmi note 9 pro max BEST SELLING PHONES UNDER RS 20,000

The Redmi has launched 2 new smartphones in India called Redmi note 9 pro handed me know plane pro Max. Both these devices looks identical but are different in terms of specifications and among these two the Redmi Note Man Pro Max is the higher variant.

Redmi note 9 pro Max features a 6.67 inch full HD plus display with essentially Caroline hole punch for selfie camera and supports 20 eastern an aspect ratio. The phone comes forward by Qualcomm Snapdragon 723 chipset paired with Helena 618 CPU. The device packs with six or 8 gigabytes of ram and 64 or 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage.

That can also be further expandable up to fight to LGB by a dedicated micro SD card slot. In terms of camera didn’t mean Oatman Pro. Max features, accord camera setup on the rail which includes for 64 mega pixel main camera accompanied by 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens with 119 degree field of view. Lesson 5 megapixel macro lens and two megabits in them self serve. For selfies, the company has added 32 Mega Pixel camera at different.

As for the software the handset runs on Android, then out of the box based on Meanwhile 11 skin on top. The Smart phone comes equipped by alliance 5020 image battery with 33 words for searching supposed and the company claims to offer 29 hers 40 talk time, 210 house music playback, an 11 hers of Pub. G gaming. Conditionally, the smartphone also features and side mounted fingerprint sensor for authentication.

The connectivity option on the phone includes for the evil band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 infrared sensor, 3.5 MM headphone Jack GPS including Navik and a type C charging port. The physical dimensions of the smartphone measures at 165.5 by 76.7 by 8.8 millimeters, and it weights around 2, not 9 grams.

The price of Redmi note 9 pro max in india is set up to Rs.16,999.

The official launch date of this phone is 25 March,2020 .


Redmi note 8 pro comes with protected Corning Gorilla Glass 5. both up front and the rear allowing the device to feel quite premium in the hands it is Both up front and the rear, allowing the device to feel quite premium in the hands. It is quite slippery though, so for those of you who have butterfingers, xiaomi’s included a clear case in the box overall with its glass metal glass construction.

It has a variant colours like Base Black, Neptune blue and Moonlight White are the three eye catching colors of the Redmi note 8 pro.

It has a 6.3 inch full HD plus IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 and also found here is a classic rear mounted fingerprint scanner. There is SIM tray slot and dedicated micro SD card slot are situated on the left up top. Last year that does work well with the included me remote app and situated at the bottom is a single downward firing speaker. It USB type C port in noise cancelling mic for regular calls in a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack for display.

It has 6 GB RAM  and a internal storage of 128 GB,  of it being usable for performance. The Redmi note 8 pro has  Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset, paired with an adreno 610 GPU. The note 8 pro has two ram variants, that’s three and four gigs with our unit here having the latter.

The battery is 4000 mAh  gives life to the note eight pro.  Moving the cameras now stationed on the rear of the note 8 is a quad camera setup consisting of a 48 Mega Pixel primary sensor, an 8 megapixel ultrawide, a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 mega pixel depth sensor residing in the dark drop notch up front is a 13 Mega Pixel selfie shooter for selfies. The note 8 pro captures shots that look natural under ample lighting.

The price of Redmi Note 8 pro is set up to Rs.17,999.

The official launched date of this phone in India was 29August,2019 .


Announcing the Galaxy Samsung are going to be announcing the Galaxy M40 this month. We’ve already got elite spec sheet and I’ll be sharing the details right here

The Galaxy M40 is another mid range phone at the. had some great specs for Had some great specs for the price to start with it. We’ve got a full screen display with a punch hole camera in the top left of the screen.

This is a 6.3 inch Superama LED display or with the resolution of 1080 by 2340 giving it a 409 pixel per inch. The punch hole is for a 16 Mega Pixel selfie camera. And on the rare we’ve got a 32 Mega Pixel main sensor, an 8 megapixel ultra wide lens, Anna 5 Mega Pixel depth sensor, it’s going to be powered by the Snapdragon 675 and come with 6HB of ram and 128 GB Of internal storage.

 It’s also got dual SIM support and it does keep the three and a half mil. Audio Jack instead of an in display fingerprint scanner. However we do have a physical scanner on the rear and the phone will of course come with Android 9 Pi. Finally, it’s all powered up by a 3500 of mAh battery that supports 15 Watt fast charging

We can clearly see this is a re branded Galaxy 860. It looks the same and if we compare the specs side-by-side they are identical when it comes to pricing estimates.

The price of Samsung Galaxy M40 in India is set up to Rs.16,759.

The officially launched date of this phone in India is 24 june,2020.


 In August 2018, the technology world went slightly Batty for rather surprising smartphone. The charmingly titled Poco phone F1, this bargain is blower pack. Some really meaty specs, including Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset, and a dual lens camera with a bit of Jammies, AI smarts on boards. Yet despite all that, the Poco Ford F1 is cheaper than a wet weekend in Wolver Hampton.

Nokia 8.1  is having a wider notch display with a bunch of sensors built right inside this knowledge space. It is a 6.1 inch eternity plus I PS LCD panel. This panel is one of the most controversial parts of the phone that many people were talking about. Design still is a better choice than the glass back design in terms of reliability. Now speaking about cameras. The rear door camera setup on the device is a magnificent. It is a combination of tool megapixel plus A5 Mega Pixel depth sensor that can take a stunning pictures in both a normal and low light conditions. Tobacco often has the same Sony IMX 360 sensor which is present in some pixel devices and things with the full support of camera two API. That means using the G Cam, 7.2 would be a bonus option.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 2.8Ghz and a ram of 6GB and 64 GB and it can expandable upto 128 GB.

The price of Xiaomi Poco f1 in india is set up to Rs.18,099.

The officially launched date of this phone is 29 August,2018.


NOKIA 8.1 is available in the market let’s see for it has to offer meaning the android one software experience the preview display the zeiss optics are8.1 is available in India.

It has a 6.1inches display, and it is constructed with glass panels and an aluminum frame. It is  very sleek and premium because of this. Add to that the Iron Steel Colorway. It looks a little bit more sophisticated than its midrange placement might suggest. It feels comfortable in the hands.

 Thanks to the curved edges as well, but the first problem we see here in design is hard to not notice up front. We have an outdated bar type notch. We’ve seen other companies shrink their noches while others remove them entirely in favor of pinhole or even pop up cameras. Within the board notch we have the front facing camera called speaker and sensors.

The Nokia 8.1 is powered by a 3500 mAh battery and has support for 18 Watt fast charging in the PC market. Work 2.0 battery test speaker result of 12 hours and 7 minutes, which isn’t bad, but for such a big battery. It’s an efficient chipset and stock Android is simple. Real world use translates to a whole day of moderate usage where you only probably need to plug in for a charge at the end of the day.

Charging though is baffling since we do get 18 Watt charging, but it takes a full 2 hours for a full charge from empty anyway. 8.1 is 12 + 13 Mega Pixel doubled your cameras with Zeiss Optics and T20 Mega Pixel Front camera. The rear cameras that are sharp images with accurate color production as long as you have ample lighting, there’s an AI scene detection that’s able to identify subjects accurately and apply appropriate exposure settings. Take me look at portrait shots. Edge detection is modest. As it can mess up from time to time, but images still come out detail. As for southeast, there’s a slightly artificial.

The opposite side is the symmetry that is of the hybrid variety, meaning you can slap either 2 nano SIM cards or one nano SIM card plus a micro SD card up top, a headphone, But on the bottom we have the USB type C port, loud speaker and microphone heading back to the front. Let’s talk about display quality. So the 8.1 is outfitted with Nokia calls a pure view display which we’ve seen so on their previous phones. It provides better contrast. It has HD r10 support and it definitely gives the 8.1 some flair.

The price of Nokia 1.8 in India is set up to Rs.17,999.

The officially launched date of this phone is 5 December,2018

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G offer

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is not announced officially yet while the mentioned specs below are based on rumors. The smartphone is available with 8 GB and 12 GB RAM with 128 GB and 256 GB

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