10 Best selling mobile phone under 50000, Which is the best camera phone under 50000?

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List of Best selling mobile phone under 50000

  • Xiaomi mi 10 5G
  • One plus 8 pro
  • Samsung Galaxy s10e
  • One plus 7T Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Asus ROZ phone 2
  • iPhone 8 plus
  • Oppo reno 10X zoom
  • Samsung Galaxy s10
  • iPhone XR

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Xiaomi mi 10 5G Best selling mobile under 50000

Xiaomi is known for making low-cost smartphones and many think this is the end of Xiaomi’s journey, but people forget that there are also premium smartphones. Last year, the company spun off the Redmi brand to its own company and is now aiming to enter the premium segment with the new Mi 10.

Xiaomi’s latest premium smartphone is the Mi Mix 2, launched almost three years ago. With the Mi 10, the company now wants to return to the premium segment. However, given the tensions between India and China, this can be a difficult path. Plus, most people know Xiaomi as a brand that develops cheap smartphones at aggressive prices. So there are many risks for Xiaomi with this brand. Let’s find out what’s on the Xiaomi Mi 10.


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The Xiaomi Mi 10 is equipped with a 6.67-inch FullHD Super AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Runs directly on Android 10 MIUI 11. A 4780 mAh battery supports all this. On the optical side, the Mi 10 has a quad rear camera with a 180MP primary camera, a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2MP depth sensor, and a 2MP macro sensor. Front – a selfie with a resolution of 20 MP.

Xiaomi mi 10 5G Design and display

The design of the Xiaomi Mi 10 has a limited design. It’s not a robust design that will get the public’s attention, but it’s sleek looks make this smartphone great. On the front of the Mi 10 is a 6.67-inch panel with a perforated camera on the left. It has a slim top and bottom bezel and offers smooth viewing even on a perforated camera.


The heavily curved side view contributes to a fluid appearance. In terms of layout, the Mi 10 has a USB Type-C port at the bottom, flanked by the prominent speaker grille, microphone, and SIM card slot. On the right are the on / off button and volume rocker.



Since it doesn’t support 120Hz, I’d say it’s one of the best panels I’ve tried so far, which lags slightly behind the OnePlus 8. However, a 90Hz panel rather than a 120Hz panel doesn’t have many values. When performing everyday tasks, the Mi

10’s liquid display makes you forget you’re looking at your phone screen.

Xiaomi mi 10 5G Performance

About rupees. At 50,000, we expected more than just the specs mentioned earlier. The phone worked fine during the review period. The 90Hz display refresh rate makes your smartphone faster than ever. Combined with the highest specs, this phone performs as expected in its price range.


The Mi 10 has no ads compared to other Xiaomi smartphones, but the constant bombardment of notifications via the GetApps app doesn’t feel like ads. Thanks for the features and the number of settings it contains, but MIUI is still something I hate.

Xiaomi mi 10 5G Camera

Xiaomi Mi 10 has a rear setup with four cameras. Settings include a 108MP primary camera, a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro sensor. Front – a selfie with a resolution of 20 MP. It has a simple camera app and many features. It’s easy to navigate and is on par with other MIUI phones.


During testing, the Mi 10 took great pictures. By default, 25.2-megapixel photos are taken with the default sensor. However, you can capture 108-megapixel images at full resolution. In the right lighting conditions, the phone can focus quickly and even capture natural colours. The difference between 108MP photography and stock photography is only apparent when the image is placed on a 43-inch screen.


You can check the in-game software when trying to take HDR photos with high definition, noise reduction and strange shadows. Night shots are good, but not as good as the Pixel or Huawei for the same price. The 2MP macro sensor is what I wanted to test, and as expected, it produced images that could not be captured on phones in this price range. The selfie camera is not bad. If Beauty Mode is on by default and you can’t turn it off completely, you might see a lot of image alignment. Most people will love the results of photos optimized for this program.

Xiaomi mi 10 5G Battery

The Mi 10 comes with a massive 4800mAh battery. As long as you use this device, it is lightweight and takes two days with moderate use. The battery lasts all day when in use. Optimizing MIUI software to kill and destroy background apps will help you get to that number. The smartphone also supports 30W fast charging using the included AC adapter and 30W fast charging using its charger, which must be purchased separately. The smartphone also has a 10W charge, which is excellent on paper, but in fact, the S20 Ultra sometimes turns off, so it’s challenging to keep it charged.


One plus 8 pro Best selling mobile under 50000

OnePlus launched its first significant killer in 2014. Since then, the company has continued to offer quality phones at affordable prices. However, OnePlus ditched its ‘long flagship killer’ strategy with the launch of the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, built to attract new top customers in 2019. In terms of expectations, the OnePlus 7 Pro did not deliver the promised premium experience, and a year later, the OnePlus 7 Pro and a worthy successor to the company’s latest premium smartphone, OnePlus 8 Pro. We’ve had the OnePlus 8 Pro for a few months now, and we’re sticking with this long-term review to see if the OnePlus 8 Pro deserves the “top-notch” moniker or is as big as its predecessor.


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Best selling mobile under 50000, Which is the best camera phone under Infographic

One plus 8 pro Design

From a design standpoint, nothing to complain about. The OnePlus 8 Pro looks fantastic. Our model comes in a unique colour, Glacial Green, and is the best of the three. When ambient light hits a surface, the brightness changes from green to blue. The Glacial Green colour option features a soft-coated glass rear window and a sandblasted aluminium frame. The matte surface not only makes the phone look more luxurious but also removes fingerprints. But the compromise here seems acceptable, but the phone is a little slippery. I do not use the included case, but if it is easy to clean it may stain over time. The reason we say “wash” is because unlike previous OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 8 Pro has an IP68 mouse.

One plus 8 pro Display

As for the display, let’s see what has changed compared to its predecessor. Unlike the Galaxy S20 phones, the OnePlus 8 Pro retains the curvature of the screen. The curved edges of the screen are pointless, but they look good. However, this look is not just a form factor. The display is an improvement over the OnePlus 7 Pro’s 90Hz panel with QHD (1440 * 3168 pixels) 120Hz refresh rate. Unlike the Galaxy S20 series, the OnePlus 8 Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate available in full QHD resolution. Also, the panel supports HDR10, a maximum brightness of 1300 nits and 10-bit colour

One plus 8 pro Performance

 The OnePlus 8 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 865 SoC with a 5G modem. This chipset is matched with up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. LPDDR5 RAM increases memory speed by up to 30% and reduces power consumption by up to 20%. Also, the UFS 3.0 storage standard has significantly improved read and write speeds over UFS 2.1. Our model has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but the 8 Pro doesn’t have a microSD card slot for expanding storage.


The OnePlus 8 Pro is packed with great features so that gamers can play at 120fps in supported games. While playing Fortnite, the phone got a little toasty at first but calmed down after 20 minutes. With powerful hardware, the OnePlus 8 Pro can control high frame rates in any supported game. If you’re looking for a list of games that support high refresh rates, you can check the link at the bottom of the review. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s performance is straightforward.

One plus 8 pro Camera

Now let’s take a look at one of the most interesting aspects of the OnePlus 8 Pro – the camera. The camera is the main factor that separates the flagship from the killer flagship. And OnePlus has significantly improved the default camera settings for the 8 Pro. The primary sensor has been updated with the 48MP Sony IMX689 sensor, which is 35% larger than the OnePlus 7 series sensor, but it’s not just the primary camera. Even the ultra-wide-angle camera has been updated with a 48MP sensor, similar to the OnePlus 7T’s primary camera. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s dual cameras are a telephoto lens and a colour filter. The latter allows you to apply artistic filters while recording. The perforated front of the camera features a 16MP selfie camera with a 1: 2.5 aperture.

One plus 8 pro Battery

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a 4510mAh battery, the most massive battery in an OnePlus smartphone. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s battery is impressive considering its QHD resolution, 120Hz panel and leading Snapdragon chipset. The battery lasts all day. When using a mobile phone, I set the resolution to FHD and 60Hz by default, and only increase the refresh rate when playing games. OnePlus also adds a 30W power adapter to the box so that it can be fully charged in just an hour. It’s also the first OnePlus phone to offer wireless charging, and you’ll have to wait until 2020. I haven’t tested the Warp Charge 30 wireless charger yet, but it says it’s as fast as the wired charger that comes in the box. The OnePlus 8 Pro also supports wireless charging with Qi-compatible devices.


Samsung Galaxy s10e Best selling mobile under 50000

The Galaxy S10e is Samsung’s effort to provide a better smartphone with a smaller body and an affordable price tag that will work most of the time. The formula is simple. It uses the same processor to shrink memory a bit and shrink it down to a smaller and less complicated AMOLED screen (just 5.8 inches diagonally, not around FHD and flat corners). Whether any of them are harmful depends on how you look at the curved screen. It doesn’t look any worse than the S10, and yet it has a hole in the selfie camera. The screen was covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 years ago (not 6) as on the regular S10, so it is resistant to scratches or can be damaged by impact.

Samsung Galaxy s10e Performance

The Galaxy S10e has the same processor as the larger and more expensive Galaxy S10 and S10 (Samsung Exynos 9820 in the EU or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in the US). Cheap phones only have 6GB of storage space compared to 8GB, but they work pretty much the same so most people won’t notice. Only in some cases will you need to restart the app when you come back from the list of recently used apps.

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Samsung Galaxy s10e Camera

One area where the S10e falls short of its more expensive sibling is the camera. There are only two cameras behind, not three. However, the primary 12MP camera is equipped with a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera, so the zoom is purely digital, much worse than the S10 or S10. Wide-angle photo with excellent detail and colour palette. Not the best camera, but it suits most of the competition, apart from the zoom. Perfect selfie camera Record a video. And there are tons of mods, including a dedicated Instagram camera for playing in Manual Pro mode.



The camera app is easy to use and intuitive. At the bottom is a tree icon that can be used to quickly switch between standard wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras. Next to it is a Scene Optimization icon, which uses AI to detect scenarios and automatically adjusts saturation and exposure when activated. Here are the different modes you can use to switch between Photo, Video, Live Focus, Super Slow Motion, Professional, Panorama, and Cooking. There is also a dedicated Instagram mode that allows you to quickly post photos to social media apps as soon as you take a picture.


Samsung Galaxy s10e Design

As expected, the Galaxy S10e is a compact phone, but the new Infinity-O display with a smaller camera and bezel is slightly shorter than the Galaxy S8 or S9 despite the same screen size. There is no flex on display, so you feel more confident using it with one hand. That doesn’t mean the S10e isn’t a slippery eel. This cannot be avoided with phones with front and back glass. All this glass makes the S10e feel like a big brother, but it can even shatter if slipped from your hand to the floor. Therefore, at least a straightforward case is recommended.

Samsung Galaxy s10e Display

The 5.8-inch Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED panel in the Galaxy S10e might not be as curved as the display on the S10 or S10, but it’s precisely the same in terms of display quality. As Samsung is a 10th-anniversary flagship product, the S10e comes with a warm (creamy white) white balance as standard as it strives for colour accuracy. You can switch to a colder (blue) white than the display setting. If colour accuracy is essential, you can select Natural Display Mode. And the fact that the S10e has a Full HD display instead of a Quad HD panel has no discernible effect on image clarity in everyday use. Samsung hasn’t missed the edge screen feature either. However, the 5.8-inch screen is a bit tight at times. Of course, this may bother me because I always go for the larger flagship models from Samsung, but those who still buy compact phones may have no problem.

Samsung Galaxy s10e Battery

The battery life of the Galaxy S10e is excellent. This is not good, and you cannot end the day with heavy loads, but it is better than we expected. With light to medium use, the phone can run for 13 to 14 hours and consistently keep the screen running for 3.5 to 4 hours. Again, the S10e’s low-res display can help extend its lifespan. If the Galaxy S10 lags behind the Galaxy Note 9 even with the same battery capacity, the S10e will last long and won’t bother as much as you think.


Even with a low battery, the S10e can charge very quickly thanks to its small battery (3100mAh). You can also use Samsung’s normal sleep mode, which personally allows you to use medium sleep mode because it reduces background data usage for cellular data and turns on the lights a bit when you’re away from home for an extended period in person. Longer. The Galaxy S10e supports Wireless PowerShare like the S10 and S10e, so you can wirelessly charge other wearables or mobile phones when needed.


One plus 7T Pro Best selling mobile under 50000

OnePlus will release the highly anticipated OnePlus 8 series on April 14. The company has launched a series of teasers to accelerate the launch of its next-generation flagship smartphone. As mentioned in previous reports, the company has made some changes to its prices. The inclusion of 5G SoC and Snapdragon 865 will likely make the device costly. The report also says the company will probably be in the low-cost range, along with rumours of the OnePlus Z series. This low-cost series is likely to hit the market later.

One plus 7T Pro Best selling mobile under 50000

One plus 7T Pro Design and display

Now that we’ve identified the differences let’s take a look at the lifespan of the OnePlus 7T Pro. As usual, let’s talk about smartphone design. The 7T Pro features a 6.67-inch AMOLED liquid display with a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels. This makes the device quite large. The system is mostly as fresh as it was 6 months ago. We know the smartphone world has gone from pop-up cameras to holes. The 7T Pro McLaren has a unique look that isn’t as clean as the regular version. But this does not change the whole picture here. It’s interesting to assume that the OnePlus 8 series leak won’t change much.


One plus 7T Pro Performance

Now let’s talk about one of the most important parts of this long-term review – the presentation. The OnePlus 7T Pro is impressive in this regard, especially considering my usage. There are 350 to 400 smartphone apps, of which I use about 30 every day. But smartphones tackle this tricky multitasking like a champion. It’s also worth noting that the next time he stuttered, he strangled his smartphone twice. However, he claims that crashes and stuttering are mostly caused by optimized software and not hardware. There are speakers and microphones during calls, music playback and sound recording.

One plus 7T Pro Camera

The camera is most likely the focus of the OnePlus 7T Pro. That’s not bad or something, but much better than what you saw at first. But that’s not as good as the best smartphones. Overall, the 7T Pro can take good pictures in ideal lighting conditions. In fact, with night landscape mode, you can take good pictures in dark places and sometimes take good pictures. Each image has a specific “contrast” shape that can be perceived over time. But compared to the latest Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone smartphones, 85 to 90% of smartphones have a camera. This is similar to what we found in early smartphone reviews. However, within the price range, these differences in image quality are almost reasonable. If you look closely, it’s easy to see that the OnePlus 7T Pro is the smartphone you paid for.


One plus 7T Pro Battery

OnePlus has added a 4085mAh lithium polymer battery to the smartphone. It can be the same as any other large device on the market. However, the device does not provide a large backup battery. I usually turn to the charger after 7-8 hours of work. However, 30T Warp Charge technology almost makes up for the lack of battery backup throughout the day. Also, the lack of a wireless charger can be burdensome for some people, but not necessarily in India.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Best selling mobile under 50000

It’s no secret that the Galaxy S9 sells poorly. Samsung admits this, and the smaller S9 doesn’t appeal to many because it lacks features like dual cameras and 6GB of RAM. Smartphones that are much cheaper than the Galaxy S9 have had these features for a while now, and you may have realized that Samsung has to take specific steps to bring the ball back for the second flagship in 2018. That’s precisely what the company did with the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 9 has everything the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 have. Instead of a feature that could be a gimmick, Samsung focuses on the essentials. Finally, the main Galaxy flagship has a large battery, the base model has a capacity of 128GB (with official support for microSD cards up to 512GB), and the S Pen is smarter and smarter thanks to the added Bluetooth connectivity. More useful.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Design

At first glance, the Galaxy Note 9 looks like the Galaxy Note 8 on the front. However, Samsung has made some changes, some of which were introduced with the Galaxy S9, and some were designed explicitly for larger batteries and smaller screens (6.4 inches). The phone is also slightly wider. However, this only appears when comparing side-by-side to the S9 or Note 8, because Samsung uses a process called advanced to make the phone look thinner than the original. That doesn’t mean the Note 9 isn’t the best phone, but it isn’t necessarily less convenient than the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display

The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display on the Galaxy Note 9 is excellent. Do I need to say more? Samsung is at the forefront when it comes to cell phone displays, and Note 9 offers upgrades, even in areas where users can’t tell the difference. What you need to know is that it is light, really bright (dark if you like) and pleasant to use. It’s not the most accurate standard screen, but if you want it to look realistic, you can switch to the default display mode in your phone’s settings. As mentioned in the Design section, the top control panel is darker this time, so the screen blends more smoothly with the all-black border. The bezel isn’t precisely dark or too small, but Samsung’s decision to stay away from the slot makes using a full-screen display the smartest. Specifically, the specs and hardware that Samsung has to offer, whether real or not, has the edge over all other products on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

The Galaxy Note 9’s camera is nearly identical to the Galaxy S9 in terms of specs and image quality. Samsung has installed a vision optimizer for the rear camera. The Scene Optimizer examines scenes and objects, combines them with 20 presets such as food, portraits, landscapes and animals, and then optimizes the shooting settings to make the image look better than usual. The Scene Optimizer doesn’t work, and it is a scam in most cases. It looks like the image is not actually improving, but you can still miss the point because the scene optimizer even takes too long to detect the scene.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Battery

Well. Let’s talk about battery life. Except for the Galaxy S Active smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9’s 4,000mAh battery is the most massive battery I’ve ever seen in a Samsung flagship and offers the highest score. Around 5 hours of screen time on a busy day during the testing period was hardly an issue. Phones can be used all day long, with some moderate to heavy use. It always has about 20% battery power, after all, and usage includes everything from making calls to viewing and checking WhatsApp and Slack messages.


More extended cellular data usage means less battery life, but you can use it without fear of losing your phone at the wrong time. The battery also quickly charges from 0 to 100, which is slightly longer than the time it takes for the Galaxy S9’s 3,500mAh battery (90-100 minutes). Due to the size of the battery, it is useless to increase it in 10-15 minutes for a cell phone with small battery capacity, but this is not a problem.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S pen

The pen already has built-in Bluetooth so it can be used as a remote control for various functions. Inside is a supercapacitor that charges in just 40 seconds in the slot and charges up to 200 long clicks before charging. First First, the first time you press the S Pen, you can launch S Pen functions or installed apps. Depending on the application, you can act with one or two clicks of a button.


Take a photo in the Snap Camera app and double-tap between the front and rear cameras. You can pause or resume playback with one tap in multimedia applications such as

Asus ROZ phone 2 Best selling mobile under 50000

The Asus ROG Phone 2 is probably the fastest in the world. With an ultra-thin screen, great camera, unrivalled battery life and a great form factor, you can’t beat the incredible value of this phone. There is nothing on the market to put on your phone as Asus did here.

Asus ROZ phone 2

Asus ROZ phone 2 Design

This device offers a purely gaming aesthetic. Sharp corners, accent colours, RGB lighting and heavyweight, make this product even more attractive. Surprisingly, I did dig into the phone, and many gamers will do the same. They are built solidly like a brick. The button on the right is tactile and clean with no hub, the USB-C and 3.5mm ports at the bottom are well placed, and the rear camera at the top is uniquely shaped.


Asus ROZ phone 2 Display

This time, Asus has made it a display, and it strikes a balance between quality, speed and optimization. The large AMOLED panel was designed for gaming from the ground up. You can see not only speed and fluidity thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate, but also deep blacks and high contrast thanks to OLED technology.

Despite cracks and holes in many phones these days, the ROG Phone 2 offers a full screen with rounded corners. Two things are much more critical than previously thought. Sure, it doesn’t look sleek or modern, but that means there are no distractions in the game and UI elements are less likely to be clipped with rounded corners.

Asus ROZ phone 2 Performance

The ROG Phone 2 with the best specs has a lot to do with the user experience, and we won’t be disappointed. The Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC transfers more power to the GPU, making it the best phone for sheer gaming performance in benchmarks, even if the processor runs the same as the stock Snapdragon 855.


The ROG Phone 2 hits its frame rate limit in every game I’ve tested. Fluency is almost impractical for 120Hz games like Minecraft and Riptide Renegade. This is supported by the use of a Full HD screen, where no higher resolution is required, so the GPU can quickly transfer more frames.


Asus ROZ phone 2 Battery

The phone goes through a 5000 mAh battery and has a massive 6000 mAh cell. This allows for the days of battery life many of us crave when it’s unplugged for more than 24 hours. The ROG Phone 2 not only offers full battery life, but I often get two days in a row, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lighter user rode for three days on a single charge.


Quick Charge 4.0 is the charging technology of choice, which means 30 W charging power. A battery of this size takes centuries to blame, but it charges faster than expected – not that you have to charge ROG Phone 2 that often. Phone slams 100% in 105 minutes while idle. Very impressive.

One of my favourite features that this phone has is power-sharing, which allows you to plug other devices into your device and charge connected devices with 10W. With 6000 mAh on board, the ability to share it with other devices comes in handy.



iPhone 8 plus Best selling mobile under 50000

That night, I went to a party with a few people who knew I had just attended Apple’s annual iPhone launch event. After asking a lot of questions about the new Apple Park campus, I naturally asked about the new iPhone. This refers to the new iPhone X. Many did not even know about the existence of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 plus

Their primary focus (actually Apple’s case) is on the iPhone X, a completely redesigned phone, a bezel-less display, facial recognition, and a new interface model that lacks the Home button. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have these features. The 8 and 8 Plus models have similar processors, wireless charging, and X camera settings, but I have no new idea of ​​what an iPhone is. Both are next steps in Apple’s long-standing journey.

iPhone 8 plus Design

The iPhone 8 is essentially the fourth-generation iPhone 6. Apple said the Model 8 is “a whole new design,” but that is what Apple has to say about the iPhone 6S and 7. You will have to work hard to keep reinventing the basic design. It is the same without changing it. The main difference you’ll see is the glass back, but aside from the fact that nothing has changed, the 8 and 8 Plus fit perfectly into the 7 and 7 Plus cases.


The glass back is more massive than the aluminium 7, but not bad. I like that the combination of glass and extra weight makes it easier to hold the phone than the 6 and 7, which always feel like they’ll come off. Get off my hand. You don’t need a case for this new phone, but you may need one. Apple claims the glass is more challenging than ever, but I put the 8 Plus in my pocket and scratched it. You can see what happens when millions of people around the world start throwing these things.


iPhone 8 plus Display

Apple has added True Tone technology to the iPhone 8 display, which first appeared on the iPad Pro. I’ve always thought the iPhone LCD is the best display on the market when it comes to colour accuracy, and True Tone only improves that by measuring ambient light with a sensor on the front of the phone and adjusting the colour temperature on the go. I don’t even notice that it works when it’s on, but in most room lights, you will find that it heats a little when it’s on when you press the power button hard.


iPhone 8 plus Battery

The rear glass can be charged wirelessly using the Qi standard. Apple offered me one of the Mophie charging pads for sale in a store, I tested it on a Samsung Qi tablet, and everything worked fine. Qi is pretty slow. Apple’s goal is to match the charging speed of its 5W charger, but on the Mophie I saw the 8 Plus charge about 15% every 30 minutes, which is very dramatic if desired. It doesn’t take you long to grab your phone and use it. Future iOS updates will allow iPhone 8 to get more power from Apple’s Mophie and Belkin cushions. Hope this all speeds up.

iPhone 8 plus Performance

The iPhone 8 uses the new A11 Bionic processor, which is synonymous with the iPhone X. Apple named it Bionic because the company admitted that names like A8 and A9 are not as impressive compared to the terms of the chips. So last year we added “Fusion” to the A10 brand. So this year Bionic.


Marketing aside, it’s no surprise the A11 is lightning fast. Apple is a leader in mobile chip design and performance. The A11 has a new power controller that drives six active cores (2 high-performance cores and four high-performance cores). It is also the first GPU designed by Apple. Early tests show the iPhone 8 is faster than the Fusion A10 iPad Pro and the budget 13-inch MacBook Pro.


iPhone 8 plus Camera

The S8 and Pixel overtook the iPhone 7 in various benchmarks. Apple said it is oblivious to the standards, but the iPhone 8’s camera image certainly looks more like Apple’s competitors than ever.

Oppo reno 10X zoom Best selling mobile under 50000

When we talk about mainstream smartphones, OPPO isn’t the first name that comes to mind at all. The most recent examples are the OPPO F11 and OPPO F11 Pro, released earlier this year. Until last year, OPPO also sold above average R-series, which peaked with OPPO R17 and OPPO R17 Pro. OPPO also only sells the budget A and K series online, but the company doesn’t have an endless list of its flagship phones. The OPPO Find X 2018 is the first OPPO flagship released four years ago as the successor to the 2014 OPPO Find 7 / Find 7A. However, this series is nowhere to be found. The brand began to make a breakthrough and called it OPPO Reno.


Oppo reno 10X zoom Design

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom gives good aesthetic results, but this is wrong due to its excessive weight. This summarizes mobile design in one sentence. It is similar to the OPPO Find X on the front but uses an entirely different mechanism for the front camera. The back of the phone has a distinctive design. Like the OnePlus 7, this phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and Gorilla Glass 5 on the back. Brushed metal frames with visible antenna strips provide rigidity. Fortunately, there are no sharp edges here, and the body and finish of the device are on par with other flagships on the market.

Oppo reno 10X zoom Display


OPPO Reno 10x Zoom offers a 6.6-inch Full HD (2340 × 1080) OLED screen with 19.5: 9 aspect ratio and 387 PPI. Screen size 153 mm x 71 mm. For a diagonal display of this size, the 19.5: 9 rate is one of the few ratios that allow you to control the screen width. It is also the most commonly used aspect ratio on screens today. Reno’s 10x zoom screen supports HDR10. The flatness of the display is a significant advantage over the curved display of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is because the screen size is smaller (6.6 inches versus 6.67 inches), but the usable screen area is more extensive. Plus, there is less glare and accidental contact.



Oppo reno 10X Performance

In terms of actual performance, OPPO Reno 10x Zoom performs well. The phone is a bit slower than a phone like the stock OnePlus 7, but this has more to do with the OnePlus animation acceleration in the OxygenOS software. The OnePlus 7 Pro takes it to another level in terms of fluidity thanks to its 90Hz refresh rate, which makes smooth scrolling easier. Both OnePlus phones benefit from UFS 3.0 storage in terms of fast app install speeds. However, the difference is almost imperceptible (until you update the Google app). So, for the Snapdragon 855 phone, the Reno 10x Zoom performance is equivalent. Still smoother than the plus, the Samsung Galaxy S10e Exynos. Subtlety leaves no room for complaint here, although it does not lead to success.


Oppo reno 10X Camera

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom has a triple camera. The primary camera is equipped with the famous 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor with a pixel size of 1/2 “, 0.8 μm, aperture of 1: 1.7, focal length of 4.75 mm, phase detection autofocus (PDAF) sensor, and optical image stabilization (OIS) … ). The wide-angle camera offers 8MP resolution, 120 ° field of view, and 1: 2.2 aperture (switching to autofocus mode). Interestingly, this is a 13MP telephoto lens. Reno 10x Zoom is currently one of two phones (the other is Huawei P30 Pro) with telescopic cameras with periscope zoom. The periscope-type lens is the reason for its square shape and delivers an incredible 125mm focal length even without wide camera shots.

Oppo reno 10X zoom

Samsung Galaxy s10 Best selling mobile under 50000

The curvatures of the front and rear glass surfaces are painted and fitted into a metal frame. Samsung smoothed out surprisingly sharp side edges on the S8 and S9. The bezel protrudes slightly at the top and bottom, adding strength to the phone. The S10 was one of the first phones to feature Gorilla Glass 6, so we don’t have real data on water resistance yet. Like all glass phones, the S10 is keen to walk city streets or stand on tiled or cement floors. Gorilla Glass is still glass.

The curvatures of the front and rear glass surfaces are painted and fitted into a metal frame. Samsung smoothed out surprisingly sharp side edges on the S8 and S9. The bezel protrudes slightly at the top and bottom, adding strength to the phone. The S10 was one of the first phones to feature Gorilla Glass 6, so we don't have real data on water resistance yet. Like all glass phones, the S10 is keen to walk city streets or stand on tiled or cement floors. Gorilla Glass is still glass.

Samsung Galaxy s10 Display

According to Samsung, the S10 screen uses Dynamic OLED technology. It combines blue light reduction and controlling brightness in a way that reduces eye strain by up to 42%. HDR10 + offers a lot of brightness and contrast. That means everything looks good. The colours are more accurate and watching high definition content from Netflix, and other providers are impressive.


The S10 allows for an alternative viewing experience. For example, the colours are natural, but consumers can choose light colours if they want. The light setting brings out the colours more. If you select light, you can adjust the white balance and even the saturation levels of red, green, and blue. The S10 includes a night mode for those who prefer a darker background. As usual, you can adjust the resolution (high, medium, low), icon size, and text size to suit your needs.

Samsung Galaxy s10 Performance

Unsurprisingly, the S10 outperforms three standard benchmarks. He scored 5641/4831 on OpenGL ES and Vulkan’s 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme. This is better than 90% of competing devices. He also collected an impressive 354,718 from GeekBench. This result exceeds 90% of other phones. Finally, the AnTuTu S10 scored 3,423 / 10,340 in single and multi-core tests.


Samsung Galaxy s10 Battery

After using the Samsung Galaxy S10 review device, most users will find that their phone offers all-day battery life with little space. I carry my phone with me when I travel, and despite a lot of photos, ties, and other tasks that require a lot of battery power, I have no problem with battery life. The days when I use my phone from 8 am to 11 pm usually range from 15% to 20% at the end of the day. Not much, but enough.


Samsung firmly controls the way mobile phones use energy. The easiest way is to choose a diet that best suits your current needs. The phone has an optimal model that balances performance and battery life. If you need power saving, you can switch to high-performance games, or return to hibernation or hibernation mode.


Samsung Galaxy s10 Camera

Image is another central pillar on which Samsung has built the success of the Galaxy S10 line. The S10 has 3 rear cameras and one front camera. Accordingly, the S10e has two rear cameras and one front camera, while the S10 Plus has three rear cameras and two front cameras. Embarrassed? Yes, Samsung is not always easy at first glance.


iPhone XR Best selling mobile under 50000

I tested the iPhone XR a few months ago and called it Apple’s best iPhone for most people. The reason is simple. It’s the cheapest iPhone of the last three, and despite the compromise, it still offers to go toe to tours with the iPhone experience. From performance to design to incredible battery life, the iPhone XR is practically a case. Since the launch of the iPhone XR, we’ve seen great Android flagship phones like the Honor View 20, Galaxy S10, and Huawei P30 Pro. This is the best premium phone you can buy right now. So I thought it would be interesting to see how well it matures in 6 months and if it is relevant in today’s competitive market.

iPhone XR Display

The most significant visual difference between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS is the bezel. The iPhone XR doesn’t have a shiny stainless steel frame, so the XS and XS Max look very luxurious. Sticking with the more traditional 7000 series aluminium, it seems fair and has fewer scratches. My iPhone XR test kit is black and fits in my pocket after 6 months, but the bezel still looks good on some buttons, without any noticeable scratches or breaks. By comparison, the iPhone X’s stainless steel bezel shows multiple scars over the same six months. This is done without the use of a cover or shield. In other words, the device only works better with a bag.


iPhone XR Performance

In the end, the iPhone XR offers the same iPhone experience as the high-end iPhone XS and XS Max, not because of design, but because of software and performance. The iPhone XR uses the same A12 Bionic chipset and runs the same iOS software as the other two iPhones. This combination is excellent. I can’t stress this too much, but no additional phone offers nearly the same level of performance stability as the iPhone XR. Six months later, the iPhone XR is still working as if it came out yesterday. 


The scrolling of the UI, websites, and apps is still very smooth. At least as far as I remember, I didn’t have any app crashes. Regardless of the number of applications running in the background, this does not affect performance. The 7nm bionic A12 chipset is a real beast, and the average consumer is unlikely to be able to reach its full potential. She is more than just the ability to handle everyday tasks. What’s impressive is the smooth gaming performance.

iPhone XR Camera

Arguably the most significant change we have seen in the last is with regards to cameras. Companies like Google, Huawei, and Samsung are offering flagships that are filled to the brim with innovative cam,e, o them the iPhone XR’s cameras look pretty average.



iPhone XR

iPhone XR Battery

Even everything I’ve read is not convincing enough. The iPhone XR only has one of the best batteries in a smartphone. This is not a scary ability. The XR has a 2,942mAh battery, which might seem pale among 4,000mAh flagships, so Apple didn’t reveal the battery.


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G offer

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is not announced officially yet while the mentioned specs below are based on rumors. The smartphone is available with 8 GB and 12 GB RAM with 128 GB and 256 GB

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