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After a long wait, Apple has finally launched the second generation of iPhone SE globally in terms of design the new iPhone as he looks quite similar to iPhone 8 smartphone, but it has different specifications.


Let’s talking about the specifications, the iPhone SE 2020 Model Suppose a 4.7 inch deck Tina HD IPS display with true tone and supports Dolby Vision, an HD R10. Under the hood, the phone comes powered by Apple’s a 13 bionic chip, similar to iPhone 11 series phones. Pass by the camera. The new iPhone SE features a single 12 megapixel camera on the Ray with F 1.8 aperture plus four years support, and there is also a dual tonality flash present on the right panel. Their camera supports 4K video recording at 60 frames per second. For selfies, there is 7 megapixel camera at different with F 2.0 aperture. The device packs with 64128 or 256 gigabytes of internal storage, and it runs on iOS 13 point of the box. The Ram and battery capacity of the phone were not revealed at the moment, but it is set to last as long as iPhone 8 and it will also support wireless charging. Additionally, the handset supports touch ID fingerprint sensor for authentication and it also features IP67 certification for dust and water resistance. The connectivity option on the phone includes 4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, calling NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, lightning, charging port and sadly there is No 3 point 5MM headphone Jack. The physical dimensions of the smartphone measures at 138.4 by 67.3 by 7.3 millimeters, and it weights around 148 grams.


Now talking about the pricing and availability details, the new iPhone SE 82 has been priced in the US464GB storage variant at three $99, while the 128GB model is priced at $499 and the higher 256 TV storage model is priced at $549. Whereas in India the new iPhone SE price starts at ₹42,500 for 64GB storage variant that goes up to ₹47,800 for 120 GB storage variant and ₹58,300 for 256 GB storage model. The preorders for the smartphone will begin from April 17th in black, white and red color options and it will go on sale starting from April 24th in the US and unfortunately the Indian availability has not revealed at the moment.


Apple SE has a $400 phone that features the world’s fastest processor, something that we have never before seen on a budget phone. Well, maybe in the good old days when one plus was making $400 phones but. All the cheapest phone is bonkers. Makes status. $700.00 that’s quite the difference and there is something else that’s incredible about the new iPhone SE. It’s got to flagship camera to Apple says this is the best single camera system ever put on an iPhone. Simply meaning that it’s better than the iPhone 10 R and we have no reason to doubt Apple about this sticker.

And just a couple of features like light mode and additional cameras are missing on the iPad and see. But no other $400 phone offers a flagship camera coupled to the flagship processor. Even the pixel tree only has the flagship camera experience, and it’s not just about photos here either. The new iPhone SE also has the best video quality and budget phone offers by a long shot under $400 phones. Often can’t even record 4K video at all, and when they do, it’s usually crippled. If black stabilization the dynamic range is for some, recording is oftentimes compromised and the list of issues goes on and on. Now the new iPhone SE, on the other hand, handles for key video at the incredible 60 frames per second, no worries. And with regular 4030 captures, it also offers industry leading video stabilization. So to sum it all up, the new iPhone SE is the fastest budget form, the one with the best camera bathroom video, all for $400 present right now. It’s not perfect, of course, and the biggest hold back is the screen. If you like a compact phone, you’ll love the new iPhone SE. But if, like most people, you prefer bigger screen with pioneer bezels, this one might be a bit too small, and it’s also an LCD screen with sound 20P resolution, meaning that you don’t quite get those extra vibrant colors from LED screens. And yes, the convenient face ID feature is also not available here. Now that you know the main scope, let’s also take a look at the details and the way this new iPhone SE, is different from the iPhone 8.

 Once again, there is no visual difference between the two. They are absolutely identical down to the millimeter, and they weigh the same as well. Apart from the big difference in the chip that we already mentioned, the iPhone SE also has a couple of camera features that are missing on the iPhone 8. First, it has support for Porsche. Hold something that’s missing on the iPhone 8. Photo lens for portraits. So here use the white one, but the advantage is that the white less is better in low light and light, so that’s good. And for regular photos the new iPhone is he now supports the next generation of Smart HD are so regular images also look better and on the video side you have extended dynamic range in four K30 Video.

 As well as improved video stabilization, the new iPhone SE has also record stereo sound, unlike the mobile capture from the iPhone 8 and then the new iPhone, SE also doesn’t have 3D touch. There’s a theme across all new iPhones Apple has walked back on this feature and the entire iPhone lineup right now no longer supports it. You also have dual SIM cards. Part of the FM on the new iPhone SE. While the iPhone 8 only has single SIM card support last but definitely not least, you have faster connectivity on the new SE. It supports up to 60% faster Lt connections, while for Wi-Fi you get Wi-Fi. 6 supports in Wi-Fi speeds that are up to 38% faster at the end of the day. We have to admit that.

 Wifi already took us by surprise $400 phone an old chassis that nobody had any big expectations for and just set a new bar for budget phones just like that without even an event for it Wifi already took us by surprise $400 phone, an old chassis that nobody had any big expectations for and just set a new bar for budget phones just like that without even an event for it in a snap released in the press release might be conservative in looks, but make no mistake, it will sell like hotcakes even in these troubled times. And it shows Apple it is finest and the competition.

Well, the Google Pixel 4A is the only competitor that can match the camera quality and would be curious to see if Samsung has an answer for this phone currently. Pose in this price range also don’t have premium features like water protection and wireless charging, both of which are present on this July for Nancy and for the iPhone and see we have not even touched on the advantages of the iOS platform. Some dislike it but others will appreciate that you get at least four years of major software updates and support for the popular airpods and Apple Watch. As well as the new services from Apple like Apple TV and Apple music and those Apple arcade. The new iPhone SE phone that took us by surprise and it might just end up being the best budget fall of 2020.


There are some of the list of the pros of Apple SE ;

The device features Apple A13 Bionic.

Portrait photos with Lightning effects.

It can record 4k videos.

Supports Wireless Charging.

IP 67 Water and Dust Protection.

There are some of the cons of Apple SE ;

The device features 4.7″ IPS LCD Display.

Apple SE has a very alike features like iphone 8.

No Headphone Jack.

Very less battery capacity.

It doesn’t support FaceID.

APPLE SE Conclusion

Finally, we will say that it’s one in every of the most cost effective flagship devices that has been ever created by Apple. Those who have an interest in shopping for the device must need to check the pros and cons.
As per me, I think about this device as finest technology which has all the flagship specs. The device has received a benchmark score of 4,92,166 on AnTuTu, that is incredibly high when put next to benchmarks of the smartphones at that value purpose. once it involves rating it starts at $399 for the bottom variant.
Users they are habituated to bigger displays, cannot feel the device well. This devices has also a small features a little issue that deteriorates in the game expertise. in contrast to alternative iPhones with A13 chipset, it doesn’t have a FaceID. If these items don’t mind to you, then you will think about buying it.