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On September 15, Apple hosted an annual hardware event that features the best of Apple’s newest toys and services. Of course, really. Unfortunately, the new iPhone 12 is not on the menu, but the company continues to release a number of gadgets that should continue until the iPhone finally comes out.


It is worth noting that the company has released several new Apple Watch models, several iPads, and updates for various services. He also talks about software. iOS 14 is finally out on September 16th. Would you like to try your new Apple device yourself? Apple announced this at an event in September 2020.


Here are all the common elements of an Apple Crash Report. A short hint of today’s global troubles, dramatic, spaceship-like drone on-campus photography is top-notch for a slightly better gadget from management. Time is missing something big: the new iPhone. Real name – iPhone 12, where have you been? This omission is not surprising, but it is nonetheless rare. For companies that are building brands around innovation, Apple has become very predictable. Every fall, he announces a new iPhone. Since 2012, the company has been releasing a new iPhone every September. A year ago, in October 2011, the iPhone 4s was announced.

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Apple watch series 6

The star of the event is the Apple Watch Series 6. This latest model has a design similar to the previous generation Apple Watch but comes in several new colors, including navy blue and red, that may match the hearing colors of the upcoming iPhone 12. Add. It’s under the hood. Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen sensor that can be used to track information about your breathing and heart rate. This will expand the fitness tracking capabilities of the already excellent Apple Watch.

The device also has a new processor called the S6 chip. The new chip is said to be 20% faster than the Series 5 chip, which is already more than fast enough for anything the Apple Watch can do. The new processor is also fast enough to handle the new altimeter, altitude tracker, and blood oxygen monitor.

Other features include a permanent display that is 2.5 times brighter than the Series 5 and a number of new dials. The device also supports a new Family Setup process, which lets adults set up devices for family members without needing an iPhone. And there are a number of new bands, including the Solo Loop, a continuous, expandable strap that slides only on the wrist without the buckle.


Apple watch SE

As I said, Apple has also announced a budget price for the Apple Watch SE. The new devices share the same overall design as the Apple Watch Series 6, support features such as family settings and fall detection, and are already equipped with the latest generation S5 processors. Like the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE will be available starting September 18. The best thing about this device is that it starts at $ 279. This means buying the latest generation Apple Watch is cheaper than ever. However, if you want a cheaper Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 3 is still available for $ 199.

 The first thing apple’s were doing to make Apple Watch available to even more people is to perform a new model that combines components  of series 6 design with the most required features of Apple Watch all at a more budget price. Here we are talking about, Apple Watch SE Apple Watch. SC has the features customers love, has everything you need to stay connected, be more active and keep an eye on your health and like series 6 Apple Watch SC uses our largest watch display allowing you to see so much more at a glance.

 There are more new and interesting features in your apple watch SE like more in messages, calendar and Maps and larger and easier to read metrics while you’re working out. The all new Apple Watch SE uses the S5 chip for up to two times. Series 3IN staying connected is even easier with the cellular models which allow you to make phone calls and messages and more even without your phone and with family setup.

 These updated feature in  Apple Watch SE will also be enjoyable for the kids. Customers love using Apple Watch for fitness and working out an Apple Watch SC has the same accelerometer. Gyroscope, compass and altimeter’s series 6 and be cause it has the latest motion sensors. Apple Watch SC. Also supports fall detection of feature. This made a life saving difference for Mini Apple Watch wearers. With all of these features the Apple Watch SE, including the new potential in watch OS seven, we think Apple Watch SC will be the perfect watch. for many new cusFor many new customers.


Apple IPad air

Next up is the iPad, which is the first iPad to receive the end-to-edge look of the iPad Pro. The device has a 10.9-inch liquid retina display with relatively small bezels at the edges. Unlike the iPad Pro, however, the device still has Touch ID, which is now on the power switch and not on the home button anymore, which is gone. In other words, there is no facial recognition on the device at all.

Under the hood, the Air is much more powerful than its predecessor. It features the Apple A14 Bionic processor, a chip designed to power the iPhone 12, and Apple’s first chip to use a 5nm manufacturing process. According to Apple, it offers a 40% increase in CPU performance over the previous generation iPad Air, as well as a 30% increase in graphics performance.


Apple one

Apple is making it easy to access all of its services. With the highly anticipated Apple One subscription service, you can pay for Apple services once a month while saving money. It incorporates with the new iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness, and Apple News. It starts at $ 15 per month for special plans that include Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, and 50GB iCloud. The family plan costs $ 20 a month and includes 200GB of iCloud storage and the ability to be shared with up to six family members. The Premier plan includes Apple News and Apple Fitness, plus 2TB of iCloud storage, and is available for $ 30 a month.


The  Apple one gives you and your family all the services you love in one simple plan it starts with. The basic needs and service that safely stores your personal photos, videos, and files so you can access them from any place. Apple music briefing streams 70 million songs from all your favorite artists, Apple TV. Plus with Apple original series and films that are appointive for eighteen Emmys in barely the primary year, Apple arcade with over a hundred improbably fun games you’ll be able to play anytime, anywhere. Apple one additionally includes Apple News and with leading newspapers and many magazines. And after all Apple fitness. Plus, with this immersive studio workouts battery-powered by Apple Watch Apple one makes it simple to induce of these services and notice the one arrange that’s right for you


 starting with the. Individual plan which offers the best of entertainment including Apple music, Apple TV plus, Apple Arcade plus, 50 gigabytes of I cloud. The family plan lets you share all these services with up to five members of your family plus 200 gigabytes of I cloud and in countries where available, there’s Premier. Which as Apple News Plus Apple fitness plus and a massive 2 terabytes of I cloud is everything for the entire family. For the one affordable price Apple one will be available this fall and it includes 30 days free trial so you can try any of the services you don’t already have.


Apple fitness +

Rumor has it that Apple is developing a fitness service and the company has pulled the service out of the event. This new service is called Apple Fitness and integrates with the Apple Watch workout app to train the driver, showing information such as heart rate, time, and more. Apple Fitness is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. When you start the video, your Apple Watch workout starts automatically. Highlight data during segments. B. Very complex data intervals recorded on the watch are shown in the training summary. Exercise includes yoga, cycling, core, cool down, and more. This service is offered through the end of the year and costs $ 10 per month or $ 80 per year. When you buy a new Apple Watch, you get 3 months of free fitness and get it as your main subscription to the new Apple One plan.


Two new fitness service Apple fitness plus for the watch. This is interesting to Kelly, So what you’ll do is you’ll choose a workout from this catalog of videos and then you get a summary of your metrics or calories burn. Average heart weight? Think yoga, treadmill strength worlds best trainers. Apple says many workouts require no equipment. Price there is 999 per month availed by the end of the year. You get it free for three months if you buy new. Watch interesting.

 When it was announced, at least we did see peloton moving lower. Not just services, are we also getting some new hardware? Apple just now announcing a new iPad 8th generation. They say big performance boost. Great cameras started 3. 29 two 99 for education customers available this Friday, benefiting it says from that new OS, the new operating system, which will make the product they say more productive. Of course we know the iPad is one of those products that Apple seeing which is clearly benefiting from that work from home trend Kelly.


Apple Software Update

Finally, Apple has released the latest and greatest software for phones, tablets, watches, and more, available today. The iphone new update embrace with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 7. The company hasn’t announced a release date for macOS Big Sur, which is due out later this year with new Mac models.


To quickly update your Apple iPhone fitness plus software is normally every 2 three months, so you go to settings.. Click on settings and first of all to you need to put display and brightness there. Display and brightness click up on display and brightness and then click on. Automatic lock auto lock there. And then click on never. So that it will be on the your screen brightness will be on it so it will update faster and now we go to general. Click on general and then we click on.


 Software update top on software update. Random. So we need to update the software is 12 point 4.1 knew Apple software for August 2019. So we click on download and install. We need to put the password. And that will be. It takes faster time to install and. To download the update. So now verifying update. After 4 minutes. So in this occasion your phone restart my probably a few times. And now installing. The downloaded updates. Under still screen on, which is helpful to finish the update faster. So after 7 minutes the update is completed. So we click on settings here settings and then don’t forget to turn off never.

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