Iball laptop, Is iBall laptop good?

Iball laptop


Iball laptops has been introduced by the iball company. Iball worldwide private limited company started its operations in September 2001. It was owned by Anil parasrampuria. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra  india.

Why do we buy a computer

Computer networks are forging new kinds of markets and new ways to manage organizations. There came a major change in corporate structure and management style with the introduction of computers. The economy of the world began to undergo a period of change more profound than before. We call that change the Industrial Revolution. The industrial economies are now in the early stages of another transformation that may ultimately be at least as significant. There is a great difference this time, however. Changes in the economies of production and transportation drove the revolution of the last century. The revolution under way today will be driven not by changes in production but by changes in coordination. Whenever  people work together, they must somehow communicate, make decisions, allocate resources and get products  and services to the right place at the right time. Managers, clerks, sales people, buyers, brokers, accountants infact , almost everyone who works must perform coordination activities. It is in these heavily information based activities that information technologies have some of their most important uses, and it is here that they will have their most profound effects.     

To perform daily activities is a very difficult task for visually impaired people, since vision plays a central role in almost every activity of ours. With the advancement in computer vision and computing technologies we can afford to develop a system for visually impaired people, which can give audio feedback of surrounding objects and context. A novel assistive method for visually impaired people using object and color recognition is proposed, which is very useful for their safety, quality life and freedom from the other person all the time. The system is containing two modules (1) object recognition (2) color recognition.

                                                 Object recognition module recognizes objects like door, chair, stairs, mobile phone etc. and generate an audio feedback to the user, we are using convolution neural network prior to recursive neural network which is followed by softback classifier. Second module of this system is color recognition which tell them about object color in front of the camera, this module is useful in recognizing clothing colors, fruits color, police( from uniform color) etc. we are using HSI color space with observed thresholding for color recognition system modules and operation can be selected with an on demand push button panel.

Now the  question arises, what level of computers should be purchased? The answers to these questions create a purchasing strategy and the average performance of the computer. For example, a strategy of buying high-end  computers every year will be expensive. However, a strategy of buying low-end machines every three years will result in employees having computers with substantially lower average performance. Twelve basic strategies are created from hypothetical purchases of high intermediate, and base computers and holding them for 12 , 24,36, or 48 months. When the ownership time period is completed, a new computer is purchased at the same level (but different configuration as technology changes). The objective is to evaluate these twelve strategies to see if the options can be reduced.

                                The technique used is to stimulate purchases with the 12 strategies using the historical data. Comparing strategies over time requires that costs be discounted to a common point in time. Hence the purchase prices were expressed as amortized monthly costs at a 5% discount rate . For each strategy, a resale value was estimated based on the life of the processor and advertised prices from computer brokerage sites. In general , the resale values were unimportant, particularly when expressed at an amortized  monthly rate. To compensate for possible   seasonal changes and random fluctuations, the strategies were started at each of the 12 months for the first year of data. The results were than averaged using the median.

                            The average approach also mimics firms that purchase several computers over the course of a year. It is well known  in computer science that it is difficult to compare performance characteristics of various computers. It is slightly easier in this study because all the systems use intel processors. Consequently, the intel  icomp -2 rating is used to measure the performance of the processors. It also turns out that the icomp-2 rating is a good proxy measure for the other attributes  (RAM, drive capacity, video system, and  so on ). A simple regression test shows that the icomp-2 rating over the data has a high correlation (0.94R2) with these other features.

                                 These people are bewildered by the technology and its capabilities by the large number of companies marketing microcomputers, by the rapid rate of new developments in microcomputer technology, and by the wide range of models and peripherals available.

                                      Computer companies perceive the education market as lucrative. As a result, they direct slick TV ads and very persuasive  salespeople at educators. Salespeople usually are more interested in making a sale than they are in meeting the needs of their customers. Because many educators have no competent, objective person to give them  the help they need, they turn to the salespeople for advice and sometimes buy computers that do not meet their needs. The result is frustration,  disappointment, and frequently, disenchantment with the entire concept of computers in education. Properly chosen and properly used, computers can make important contributions to the learning environments of children.

Why should we buy iball laptops

In these days, prices of latest computers are rising day by day. People are unable to buy such expensive computers due to low income. But the need of computer is there due to modern age. Every work is done by the computers. So, people want such computer which is affordable and durable.

                                    Iball laptop is a affordable laptop. It is also a durable product. The co. provides laptops for personal use and professional use. Iball laptops caters the needs of the consumers in a very efficient way.

List of latest Iball laptops

  1. Iball comp book  Merit G9                             
  2. Iball comp book Flip X5                                 
  3.  Iball comp book Marvel 6                             
  4. Iball comp book Exemplaire                        

Hence these are the features of the iball laptops. These laptops are very affordable and excellent. Even people with low income can buy the laptops without any hesitation.



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Iball laptop, Is iBall laptop good?

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