ASUS Zen Book Duo Review For India

Key Factor to Remember About Asus Laptop:-

Asus Zen Book Duo is for the professionals and the creative and has pretty impressive and decent hardware. It has the choice of i7 Intel core processor of the 10th generation or or i5 processor with the RAM of 16 GB. It has a high and large screen for the editors and the coders. They can do two things at one time.

Like, listen to the song with the editing going on. The Screen pad gives a great finish to the laptop, which enhances its looks. It has become the talk of the town with all great features. Has windows 10 preinstalled and has lifetime validity for it. What would a person look for better than this?

Zen Book gives a good experience in gaming as it has a double screen and gives a 3D view for the gamers. The graphics are exceptional, and it supports four-anger gestures. It also has a great face unlock facility, so you don’t have to worry about the hands being used to type the password. Or you don’t need to remember the password for its unlocking; no one can easily pop into your laptop just by themselves.

Keyboard, then the traditional laptops are recommended with a mouse and a keyboard. For watching movies, ASUS laptops with tablet mode are used, which leaned back for a better view. If you are not crazy about the tablet mode, you can save your money on the normal traditional model.

Operating systems on ASUS:

There are two types of software used in the ASUS laptops that are Google Chrome and Microsoft Office. It depends on you to choose which operator you want as per your requirement:

Chrome OS:

Google Chrome is an operating system that can run apps from the Google Play store. Which is backed by Google’s cloud-based software. Chrome is an excellent choice for those who prefer clouds.

Microsoft windows in good for gamers and for the ones who like windows based software. It not only runs web or cloud-based apps but full-edged apps. The only thing is that windows-based software requires frequent charging instead of chrome; otherwise, they are good with familiarity.

Screen sizes in ASUS:

ASUS screens are 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, and 15.6 inches in size. Why decide on screen size:

  • The screen size chooses to the power and weight of the laptop- The screen determines the size of the computer and does not weigh much, and it does not affect the speed of the computer. A big size battery and the fast processor can be added in a 15.6-inch laptop instead of a smaller one. If the computer is required to use editing or coding, then a large screen laptop is required.
  • The big screen being a drain in the batteries- If you are planning to use the laptops frequently without a battery, then large screens are not your choice.

Nowadays, in the Covid 19 times, people are working at home and are searching for good laptops, then ASUS is the one for you. It has got a good battery life, nice processing of your choice. People prefer laptops for various uses in Covid times like gaming, working, and music. More amount of time is spent on laptops because they cannot step out. Therefore, ASUS gives you the guarantee of a great laptop with all the features, good graphics for gaming, and nice battery life.

About ASUS Zen Book Duo: About ASUS Zen Book Duo

Uses of ASUS Laptops:

There are varieties of a laptop for different uses:

Gaming: ASUS has a powerful video card and a great processor for gamers. They have large screens and graphic cards and great high-end processor to give a great experience in gaming.

Working: a person who requires a keyboard in his job can understand the need for a fast and stable computer. ASUS laptops are dependable and durable, excluding the glamour feature that a laptop and fancy video card with current generation laptops have. It is just because when you need a laptop for working the whole day, you would like to have a machine that is durable and does not interrupt.

Traveling: The “Ultra book” laptop types were invented, which has excellent portability and can be taken anywhere. These features are best for the people who visit the most not to face difficulty using the laptop.

Difference between Laptop and Two in One

The screen is on the hinge in the two in one laptop, which lets the laptop fold over the keyboard. They do double duty and are truly functional. And the work that requires a lot of clicking and use of a

It is a laptop with two screens, something different from the classic laptops, and no effect on its performance. It works beautifully. It also has a keyboard attached to it so that you’re working gets easy. And gives a good gaming and 3D experience with its dual-screen. It looks fantastic because of its display.

It is all that today’s and future generation looks for. It can be termed as futuristic laptop. Due to its dual screen, Zen Book is aiming at different types of users who have creative aspects without compromising on-demand performance. You must not have seen such kind of factor in any laptop before. Asus tries to bring something original and innovative without compromising on style and creativity.

If you are familiar with Apple MacBook Pro, the Screen pad plus in Asus is a supercharged touch bar. The concept is almost the same with a second display full-edged that helps you show the apps, and you can scribble around to something else like listening to music.

Asus wanted to offer smaller footprint laptops to users with greater portability and decent performance.

Features: ASUS Zen Book Pro Duo review

Pros and Cons of ASUS Zen Book pro:


  • Has a high build.
  • The design is marvellous.
  • Screen pad plus has the outstanding uses
  •  And has Built in the Wi-Fi 6


  • The keyboard and the track pad is cramped
  • The second screen is not that clear as compared to the screen in the front.

Conclusion: ASUS Zen Book Pro Duo review

The laptops are an excellent investment. They provide a more natural way to work and play. Laptops were made for convenience. With the advent of this technology, people could work anytime and anywhere they feel like it, thanks to the invention of laptops. Laptops may come in different styles and sizes. Some laptops are small and light unique to those working on the go. While other laptops are more conventional, slightly larger, and heavier, which work perfectly well for those who want to le and save as much work as possible and still enjoy other activities such as games on the same device.

About Asus:

Asus is a Taiwan based multinational brand with a computer hardware and electronics company that came into effect in 1989. ASUS is one of the best gaming and motherboard brand. Today’s generation enjoys using ASUS products a lot, and seeing the future smart life ASUS is the best brand. ASUS brings high quality and well-designed laptops, which makes them exclusive.