Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Review: It is the most exclusive notebook on the market

Samsung has decided to return to the notebook market with strength. It is doing it with the best Always Connected notebook with ARM platform, the Galaxy Book S and with what is currently the most exclusive and complete Windows notebook, the Galaxy Book Flex.


This is not a spoiler of this review; the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex tastes premium at a glance, it is a convertible with S Pen, QLED display and many other features that many competitors can only observe. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex was born to become the best Windows ultrabook, and it succeeded in one fell swoop. Here, this is a spoiler.

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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex design

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is a small engineering masterpiece; it is a convertible with the hardware of a classic notebook with the addition of several extra features that should not be underestimated in terms of internal design. Book Flex is built entirely in satin aluminium with a brushed finish for the edges. The contrast between the blue body and the silver profiles is fantastic; the thickness is reduced to the bone; it is an eye-catching ultrabook.


It is not only luxurious, but it is also very comfortable and practical in everyday life. With a weight of only 1.16 kg and a thickness of 12 mm, Book Flex is a pleasure to carry anywhere, has a compact size and fits perfectly on a train or plane table. The hinge to make it rotate 360 is a unique plus not only because in this way it can be used easily with the S Pen but also because it can assume the “tent” position to be able to observe multimedia contents on the QLED display.


The notebook opens with one hand and is perfectly balanced even when used on the legs with strong inclinations. A small note on the hinge, many describe it as too light, too easy to fold. In the model in our possession, this is not the case; the hinge is solid, holds up very well and has a good resistance up to 180, after that individual inclination it is expected that the convertible is more ready to close at 360.


Samsung Galaxy Book Flex keyboard and trackpad

Samsung has done its utmost to give a comfortable and pleasant keyboard to the Galaxy Book Flex; it is not easy to install a keyboard in such a thin notebook that it will not tire in the long run. The keyboard of the Galaxy Book Flex, net of personal tastes, is right. The travel is always short but slightly more profound than a Book S (another very thin ultrabook), the keys are porous and allow an excellent grip, and also the rebound is decisive.


Writing on the Galaxy Book Flex after a short period of adaptation is pleasant and fast; the merit is also of the stability of the keyboard and the construction of every single key. The sound is relatively closed, and this will allow you to write with discretion anywhere, both on the train and the plane. Excellent backlighting, every single key is very well lit,

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex S Pen

The S Pen is an excellent boost to the productivity and creativity of the Book Flex. Just pull it out to the side to immediately activate the quick actions to do with the S Pen (gifs, screenshots, voice notes, memos), they are more or less the same as you can have on a Galaxy Note. There is the Air Gestures, and they are very comfortable especially if you have to manage a presentation with PowerPoint through the Book Flex, you can forward the slides, you can activate the pointer and in general control everything through the S Pen.


The Air Gestures can be customized with various actions for specific applications; the S Pen can also be beneficial for multimedia playback, perhaps with the Book Flex in tent mode to control Play / Pause and the volume from a distance.


Samsung Galaxy Book Flex display and audio

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex has a 13.3 ′′ display with FullHD resolution, touch and S Pen support but what stands out is the adoption of QLED technology. Samsung has taken the best of its TV experience and brought QLED technology to this ultrabook with excellent results.

The QLED technology, in addition to preserving the health of the display over the years, is particularly suitable for pushing the brightness of the panel beyond the average. , out of the office, even with notably beating sun thanks to the “outdoor mode” that boosts shine up to peaks of 600 nits (FN + F10).


The panel has a calibration oriented to the consumption of the contents and not to the creation, and it has a calibration that aims to impress for the brilliance of the colours and a particularly strong HDR (the HDR + option is deactivated by default and perhaps it is better this way for the use of every day).

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex specs

Samsung has focused on the tenth generation Intel Core i5 processor, to be precise. It is the 1035G4 model with four cores and eight threads built at 10 nm. It does not have a dedicated graphics card, but the integrated one is Intel Iris Plus, an exciting solution. Here are the technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy Book Flex:

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex performance

Galaxy Book Flex has excellent performance, although the Intel Core i5 model chosen by Samsung is the low-power one. The credit goes to the exciting thermal management with two heat pipes and two fans that allow the notebook to be practically cold during daily use, low temperatures and fans that do not spin.


Even when you ask something more from the Galaxy Book Flex, the noise produced by the fans is decidedly deaf, almost not heard and it is a real pleasure to have to bring your ear closer to see if they have started. Samsung has decided to never take the processor to the limit, which in the most demanding operations touches the maximum Turbo frequency of 3.7 GHz for a few minutes with temperatures around 95 and then drops to a stable frequency of 1.8 GHz with temperatures between 75 and 80.


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