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Keyboards are the most used device while working on a PC and an integral part of the computer. There are many different brands like HP, Logitech,  Apple, Asus, iBall, Dell and many more that enhance, manufactures and sells various type of keyboards. The keyboards are available as wireless and wired, and you can select them according to your requirement. With the use of USB port the wired keyboards are connected to the computer. Whereas the wireless keyboards requires batteries to work, and a receiver is attached to the USB port for connectivity.

You can get wireless connectivity within a range up to 10m to 30m depending upon the brand and the model.

There are a variety of things you needs to think before picking a gaming keyboard, such the features you want from it, either you want backlighting, additional macro buttons, media keys, RGB, and of course, what kind of buttons you want. Well, we’ve got you covered, here we’ve got some of the best gaming keyboards you can get your hands on, all you need to do is pick the one that’s right for you.


1.Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

Corsair’s K95 RGB Platinum XT, is one of the PCMag’s top-rated featured keyboards for the past three years, is getting an upgrade. CES 2020 announced that, the K95 RGB Platinum XT  offers you everything gamers love about the original K95—the flawless typing experience, the well-placed lighting, the USB pass cable, and provided the macro keys and lighting about some of its cons  points, such as inclusion of more onboard buttons and a new padded wrist rest.

The great improvement, comes with the respect of Corsair’s new streaming gear Elgato: The XT platinum macro keys are suitable with Elgato’s Stream Deck software, gives you to use the extra keys. These are all smooth in touches, but talking about to a relatively small update more of a refresh than a right successor or reason to exchange your previous K95 Platinum. But it’s a great choice to buy for K95 first-timers.


K95 Platinum design and features are same.

Deck support of Elgato Stream

Onboard profiles is more

It Improved the wrist rest.

Double shot keycaps.



Not an huge update over the earlier K95 Platinum.

Why should you buy it?

If you are searching for a comfortable and straight forward keyboard, and curious to know about the keyboard price then you are in a right place.  We suggest that Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT can be a great choice. It is also a fully compact and small and adjustable which makes it a great option for portable usage.

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2.Steel Series Apex 7 TKL

Steel Series Apex is launching its superior keyboards with variations on its new Apex Pro and Apex 7, and some of the upgrades are imperial in look but significant in practice. It comes with some extra power and functionality, and you can find a little OLED display in one corner. Apex 7 TKL for those who are fluent in keyboard typing, stands for,  meaning a small-width keyboard without a  ten digit number keyboard. That’s just about all that this awesome keyboard is lacking, though, and it’s not a short in size. The Apex 7 TKL is comfortable, and strong, comfortable and our favorite tenkeyless model of the moment.

Pros And Cons :


Durable aluminum body.

Handy OLED mini-display with easy-to-use onboard menus.

Snappy mechanical switches.

Per-key-programmable RGB backlighting.


Loud key action, in Blue sample tested.

Why should you buy it?

If you are searching for a comfortable and straight forward keyboard, and curious to know about the keyboard price then you are in a right place. We suggest that Steel Series Apex 7 TKL can be a great choice. It is also a fully compact and small and adjustable which makes it a great option for portable usage.

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3.HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX’s alloy origins keyboard, is a keyboard geek kind of keyboard. It’s a simple to use type devices keyboard, but it’s superior and feels to type on. The pieces that set it apart are its new success button, dubbed HyperX Red, which thread the needle between Cherry’s and Razer’s comparable parts. It doesn’t have more decorations and prosperous such as USB pass cable ports, the macro keys, or a volume switches, but it’s among the best midrange device keyboards. And it earns the Editors’ Choice award for its class.

Pros And Cons :


Solidly made chassis.


Proprietary switches offer unique feel.

Detachable USB-C cable.



No comforts creatur, such as the macro keys or USB pass cable ports.

4.Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Split Keyboard

In the modern era of version this split gaming keyboard, the Freestyle RGB, Kinesis Gaming give up its original model with a bit of improvements, including the customizable lightning RGB. Though it still doesn’t quite achieve feature parity with other keyboards in its class—it’s well-made but, at $219, a tad pricey—it does something that few other keyboards do. It makes gaming-field conservatory like customizable design, the macro keys, and the colorful lights feature for players who want the support of a comfortable keyboard or need it because of any injuries. A unique keyboard, and it also earns the Editors’ Choice.

A Keyboard in Two Parts

The RGB Freestyle Edge enhance a number of features on the first Freestyle RGB, but it I largely an upgrade of that original model. Similarly the original RGB Freestyle, the split keyboard prepares with two half-keyboards, which is made up of hard, matte  plastic. The halves are connected by up to twenty inches of thick cable, giving you plenty of relaxed to configure the boards as you see fit.

Pros And Cons :


It has a Cherry MX buttons in a choice of three choices.

Ergonomic design, and a great experience overall.

Superb, plush wrist rest.

Per-key customizable RGB lighting.



Driverless Smart Set app is more work than we’d like.

Optional “lift kit” costs extra.

Steep learning curve.


5.Razer Pro Type Wireless Mechanical keyboard

For a long time, Razer has made various of the best gaming keyboards on the amazon. For several people, especially people working in office and also school students or otherwise focused on productivity, their signature has don’t have much appeal. It is colorful, have lots of features office workers don’t necessarily need, and due to some features that superior keyboards made for work.  This year, due to the pandemic situation of  COVID-19 improves the home office room, Razer has made a new set of Pro gear that re-branded its products as high productivity gear made for the home office workers.


The Razer Pro, has its wireless device profitable keyboard, shares large with the standard Razer Huntsman, but with a bit of key pinch. It is present with the Chroma lighting, in with Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connection. At the same time, it also provide many of the strong, gaming grade features that have always made Razer keyboards awesome. This happens due to the keyboard that brings the comforts of a gaming keyboard, but with a great design that will not disappoint or make waves at the office.

Pros And Cons :


Razer Orange switches

Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless

You can sync with up to four devices at a single time

 Software synapse provides customization often reserved for the keyboards, including a macro editor

Built-in dongle storage


Battery life is less than stellar


It maybe your favorite old keyboard has transcribed its last letter or trapped its last bagel chomp. Or may be your gaming ambitions have outrun the mushy, ordinary keyboard that came with your PC. Or maybe your hands are simply scrambling: and you think that whatever the reason, anyone can suggest me a benefit from a better keyboard.

Before you going to buy a keyboard, you must have to know what it pays and what makes a keyboard a good fit. Latest models come in a variety of subtypes, from boards optimized for typing experience to sculpted comfortable designs that suits your hands and relieve stress on the joints. Let’s dig deep inside  the features and understand each beneficial part to look for before buying a mechanical keyboard :

Connectivity Options: Wired and Wireless

The easiest way to connect a wired keyboard to your computer is via the standard USB cable port. Non-gaming keyboards are generally plug in and play mechanism, with no any other software to install, it means that plug in the keyboard port cable is all the setup you’ll required.

Exceptionally the gaming keyboard, will work typically as soon as you plug them in, but when it come with their personal software that lets you maintain the features such as  RGB lighting and the mechanism of macro keys. (More on that in a bit.) Some less price gaming brands, though, may their personalize software and perform the key backlighting and shortcuts wholly through hardware.

Apart from transferring your keyboard to the computer, a USB connection also need to powers the keyboard, the interesting thing is there are no batteries to worry like wireless. Some superior gaming brands with variety of customizable switches and lights come with two USB port, one for data and power delivery  and one for the data connection, which means it will occupy in two available USB cables. This is not a problem, since you’ll desired to be connecting one of these keyboards to a large gaming desktop with many available USB cables.

Layout and comfortable

All the new keyboards are not designed equal. Even tough, all keyboards are not even laid out the same beyond the standard QWERTY letter switches.

Most of the stream and gaming brands offer a ten key numeric keyboard, which laptops regularly lack and is a requirement for anyone who want to do tally numbers or data entry into a spreadsheet. Keep that in mind if you’re searching at gaming keyboards, as the branded models are a latest trend especially in that subclass.

Keys and Switches: The Basics

One of the features that keyboard design that you’ll see mentioned in reviews—but about which the several people don’t give a second chance is the type of keys used for individual switches. You may not care about the particular devices that reside beneath the keys, but you will expertise the difference. There are three main type of switches are silicone switches, scissor keys, and device switches.

Many of the budget keyboards, like those that come with the new desktop PCs, use silicone-dome keys, which has two dimpled layers of silicone that form a grid of rubber grip or domes as the spring back in the switch for each key. The non slip of the silicone rubber makes for a soft, and smooth feel as you press each switches. The type of switch also requires you to “bottom out” with each key, you just have to press the key to the bottom of the key well and to type a letter. This is due to repeated flexing of the rubber cover which causes it to break down, silicone dome keys lose their non slipped and responsiveness over time.

Final Verdict : Which Keyboard Should you Buy?

The keyboard market is very large, so start your look-up with here. In this article we mentioned about the top 5 best keyboards available with the keyboard price on the amazon link.

I hope that all my points are cleared with you, if you still have any doubts just give your valuable feedback to us.

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