Google Pixel 4A

Google’s Pixel 4A has an “invaluable” advantage over all its competitors. It is compact and pocketable. No other smartphone in circulation can boast similar features, and above all a top-of-the-range camera in such a small smartphone. In addition, the screen is enjoyable and the software is “pure” Made By Google.

The cardboard box contains a USB-C / USB-C cable, a very compact 18W power supply with USB-C connector and a classic USB-C to USB adapter.

Pixel 4A (an XL variant not available this year) is a smartphone that will delight anyone who has been looking for a compact smartphone for a long time. It is 8.2mm thick and weighs just 143 grams. It is one of the very few smartphones today that we can say can be used easily with one hand. . Despite the material, the fingerprints are hardly retained at all, ensuring a feeling even after a long time of a well-made smartphone. The square camera module is slightly protruding but it is not a problem in everyday use. The smartphone is not waterproof.

As we already knew Pixel 4A is a mid-range smartphone and as such its hardware is not that of a top of the range. The first leak (practically perfect) dates back to the end of December 2019 and this is also how we justify the choice of offering it with a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 730 octa core processor, rather than with the most recent variant with 5G connectivity. Not bad, given that this platform has always proved to be reliable and powerful, and so it has also been on Pixel 4A. We then have 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and a single 128 GB memory cut, unfortunately (as always) not expandable. Connectivity is very good: LTE up to 600 Mbps, dual band Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5.1 and of course also the NFC chip. Compared to the high-end Pixels, we also have the audio jack for headphones here: a very welcome “surprise”. But there are other interesting details: in the meantime we have dual SIM support thanks to the presence of compatibility with eSIMs and then we also find stereo audio (thanks to the headset capsule), better than practically all other mid-range smartphones. Unlocking is via the fingerprint reader on the back of the smartphone, a somewhat “old” solution, but which still works well in practice.


Great camera

Great display

Fast and guaranteed updates

There is the audio jack


Made of plastic

Not waterproof

Classic fingerprint reader on the back

Autonomy only average

Pixel 4A is an exquisitely Google smartphone, which follows different rules and does not chase the market frantically. No fingerprint readers under the display or 90Hz screens, but a compact, pocket-sized smartphone, with a large display, complete and enjoyable software, but above all a camera inherited from its older brother, which thanks to software processing becomes the main choice for those looking for a mid-range smartphone primarily for a photo companion. Unless you want a wide angle.

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