Best Mobile phone under 75000 in India with offers Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB

Best Mobile Phone Under 75000 in India  The smartphones of the Pixel line have always stood out for their design, although not always for good reasons, it must be said. Also for this Pixel 5 Google has chosen an approach that we could define as unique and worthy of the history, albeit recent, of the brand. Pixel 5 is a smartphone built in recycled materials (a mix of aluminum and plastic material) with a truly pleasant touch sensation different from all other smartphones. On the front there is also the big change, and here one is finally a must, with the absence of notches or pronounced frames, replaced by a single upper hole in the left corner for the selfie cam. Perhaps the android smartphone that boasts the most homogeneous and equal frames on all sides, an aspect that will meet the pleasures of the most fanatic of you. Well balanced weight and solidity that did not disappoint me in the tests. On the net, a small scandal related to build quality was risked, with the back cover and the display that seemed to come unstuck. Now after more than two weeks of use, we confirm that we have not had similar problems. Situation however to be monitored.

6 ”amoled panel, optimized frames and single hole. All these elements, combined with the 90Hz dynamic refresh rate, contribute to making this Pixel 5 an excellent smartphone as regards the use of the screen. We are perhaps not at the levels of the top Samsung and Apple smartphones, with maximum brightness levels that are lower than other competitors. The overall quality however remains very high, also because the smoothness to the touch is second to none. Here too I mention a theme very dear to the people of the web, that is the famous green / red fluo panels that have accompanied us in this 2020. Also in this case, no negative reports however, with a uniform and pleasant color reproduction, without unpleasant artifacts .

Perhaps we are at the latest generation of Pixels equipped with this main lens. Maybe the wide angle won’t be the widest on the market. The absence of a zoom lens is definitely a binding element. All these elements are true and very strong, but they do not take away the now classic and usual belief: The Pixels are the smartphones to beat in the photographic field. The ease with which you can take pictures in all lighting conditions and scenes always leaves you speechless. Still the king, perhaps not as undisputed as years ago, but he remains the usual point of reference.

Stereo audio on board this Pixel 5. The stereo effect is however obtained with the ear capsule mounted under the amoled panel, perhaps not the best solution on the market. Vibration that is not at the levels of a Pixel smartphone. Too bad, because we have chosen to save in an area that has always been a cornerstone of the series. Inexplicable

As in the review of Vivo X51, the good power and performance of the Snapdragon 765G processor is also confirmed here. Present 8GB of RAM and 128GB of user storage, as per tradition not expandable. A smarpthone that, while not the fastest on pizza, comes very close. A sign that by now having the top-of-the-range processor is more of a “nerd” gem than a real need for the technical data sheet

Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB Software

Android 11 obviously aboard this Pixel 5. A very pleasant confirmation, as seen on the occasion of the Google Pixel 4a review. A software that hides its completeness with a simple and intuitive facade. It gets better every year, with goodies that will make your smart life easier and more intuitive (see the new home automation and G Pay management panel).

Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB Battery Best Mobile Phone Under 75000 in India

Finally a Pixel that won’t make you afraid of running out of battery? Yes, we can tell. Autonomy promoted, both in LTE stress use and in WIFI. It never heats up and never goes into crisis. If you are looking for a compact smartphone but without sacrifices on the battery side, keep it in strong consideration.

It is difficult to talk about the price for a product that must be purchased exclusively by import. In recent weeks, however, through the various European Amazon or other electronics chains that also operate deliveries in our country, a price has been outlined around 650 € for this Pixel 5. Many? Few? According to me right, if you are looking for the maximum expression of a Google Android smartphone. We lose some unique features, such as the squeeze for the assistant and the 3D unlock, but we gain in autonomy and design. So you choose based on what you consider most important, with the shadow of a Pixel 4XL in the market used on 400/450 it could be a very valid alternative … Happy shopping everyone!


Strong battery life

Good performance

More accessible


Camera is starting to lag behind


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