Best mobile phone under 50000 in India Xiaomi Mi 10

In addition to the Pro variant, Xiaomi has also launched a “standard” version of Xiaomi Mi 10 in this first half of 2020, and it is this version that we review today in these pages, after having tried it properly.
The silver packaging of this smartphone contains a 30W power supply, a USB / USB-C cable and a silicone cover to protect the device. In addition, although there are no headphones, we also have a 3.5mm jack to USB-C adapter.
Construction and Ergonomics
Xiaomi Mi 10 is a smartphone that is certainly important in terms of size and therefore is not suitable for those looking for a compact or lightweight device. In fact, Mi 10 weighs 208 grams, not a negligible weight but still in line with what is expected from a smartphone made of metal (glossy) and glass. The rear finish is undoubtedly the first real difference that you immediately notice compared to the Pro version. This Mi 10 is in fact glossy with a mirror effect, even in the beautiful blue color we tested. We liked it, but undoubtedly the matte effect of Pro makes it possible not to make the fingerprints visible and therefore also to give it a feeling of higher quality. The smartphone is built excellently, although the protruding cameras cause the smartphone to wobble when used on a hard surface. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof.