Best Mobile Phone Under 50000 in India Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 Best Mobile phone under 50000 in India

Galaxy S10 is a new addition to Samsung’s lineup and follows the path traced (and seems very popular) of the iPhone XR. The idea is to make a complete top of the range, which costs less than the spearhead of the company and which has a series of sensible sacrifices and which does not penalize it too much.

Packaging Galaxy S10 Best Mobile phone under 50000 in India


Then we have the USB / USB-C cable and the excellent AKG in-ear stereo headphones with adapters of various sizes. As already mentioned, they are certainly among the best earphones you will find in a top of the range package.

Construction and Ergonomics

From a construction point of view, this S10e is exceptional. Not only does it pick up where we left off with the S10 Plus, but it gets better thanks to fantastic ergonomics. We have a great shiny metal frame and rear glass. The yellow color is very beautiful, although perhaps this year the choice of colors is not the most balanced. The dimensions are extremely compact, thanks to the smaller display, and both in the pocket and in daily use it is light and comfortable. In addition, it is still resistant to water and dust, like the rest of the family. The fingerprint reader on the side was not as uncomfortable as we thought at a first impression and indeed it is in the right place. Unfortunately it is not very precise, but we do not consider this factor in the vote on ergonomics.


The hardware of this S10e is very similar, if not nearly identical to that of its bigger brothers. This extreme similarity is one of the reasons why this product is different from what we have seen in the past. We have the 2.73 GHz octa core Exynos 9820 processor, the Mali G76 MP12 GPU and support for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and 4.5G LTE at 2Gbps. What changes is the amount of RAM, 6 GB, while the 128 GB internal memory has remained unchanged, at least as regards the initial cut. The memory is always expandable using a microSD, which alternately replaces the second nanoSIM.

There is still NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and also support for the DeX platform to use the smartphone as if it were a PC, thanks also to the USB-C 3.1 port. Then we have the 3.5 mm audio jack and the fingerprint reader on the right side at the top: it can be reached well but it is not very precise. The FM radio and the notification LED are missing.

why chhose us

Samsung Galaxy S10e, as it looked like from the launch, is probably the most interesting product in the family. The few sacrifices compared to the older brothers will not be felt in everyday use, while the greater handling and almost more in your pocket are felt. Great cameras, good software, great display and overall top-of-the-range hardware.


Great screen

Great camera

Excellent build quality

Price from top of the range 2016


 The zoom camera is missing

The fingerprint reader is not always convenient

There is no FM radio and infrared

It is not chosen for autonomy