Best DSLR camera under 40000 in India 2021 , Which is the best DSLR camera in India?

Best DSLR camera under 40000 in India 2020

Buying a good DSLR is not an easy task. When you think about it, you are flooded with information that you don’t understand. As an outsider, it seemed impossible to enter this new world. However, if you look in the right place, you can understand. Luckily you are already there.

We’re here to help you start this fantastic journey. Because your budget is limited to 40,000 I think; This is your first camera. There are many choices in this price range and it can be confusing to find the right one for you. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best DSLR cameras under Rs 40,000. Every aspect of the camera is discussed in detail on this list. So go ahead and find the perfect one that fits your needs.

Best DSLR camera under 40000 in India 2020

Canon EOS 200D

Canon is the world’s leading DSLR camera manufacturer. This product has high-quality features that make photography as easy as possible. The 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor lets you take explicit photos in low light such as indoors or even at night. You can set the ISO sensitivity to 25600 (expandable to 51200) to create grain-free images while preserving natural colors.

This camera has an autofocus lens and a variable angle touchscreen LCD panel that allows you to focus and capture your image in Live View mode. Shooting videos is fun with the Canon EOS 200D because you can shoot movies in Full HD. With five creative filters, including “Old Movie” and “Dramatic Black and White”, smooth recording can also be made. With the Canon EOS 200D, HDR and delayed recording are also possible.

Guided menus make it easy for you to understand the controls. You can take self-portraits by rotating the 3.0-inch variable-angle LCD monitor. This camera has connectivity functions such as Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. Hence, sharing photos on social media is easy.

Nikon D5600

The D5600 amplifies your creativity with a 24.2 MP resolution and an Expeed image processor and an ISO range from 100 to 25600. You can use it to take high-quality photos. This camera also allows you to record movies and Full HD movies with a delay in low light conditions. The variable-angle LCD monitor and intuitive touch surface make it easy to focus on objects.

Sharing your pictures on social media is made easy thanks to SnapBridge technology, which lets you automatically transfer images from your camera to your smart device. The built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity functions make it easy to organize sharing with the SnapBridge app. The camera is equipped with a CMOS image sensor in DX format, with which you can take incredibly sharp and rich sound pictures and videos.

The Expeed 4 image-processing engine improves overall camera speed and performance in shooting situations. The ISO-100 range to 25600 is ideal for clear, sharp, grain-free images

with suppressed noise levels. The D5600 has a 39-point autofocus system that covers a large frame area. Its ability to capture five frames per second makes it ideal for high-speed shooting. The variable angle LCD monitor can be rotated up to 180 degrees for a new perspective.

Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L

This black Sony DSLR is just as effective as a professional camera. Despite being rich in features, it is compact and quite easy to use. It turns your everyday photos into elegant movies and photos. Some of its features are a bright lens and a large image sensor. These aspects make better use of light.

The Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L has a 24.3 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and 4K UHD video resolution. The ISO sensitivity range supported is between 100 and 25600.

The BIONZ X image processing engine is available in your configuration. The intelligent image processor guarantees sharp, still images even without flash. When the subject is moving fast, you can capture decisive moments with a maximum burst rate of up to 11 frames per second and outstanding AF tracking performance. This feature allows for excellent tracking.

The integrated OLED Tru-Finder EVF has an advanced optical system. The EVF is also available with four dual aspherical lenses. All of these components help DSLRs deliver 100% image coverage. Approx. 33 ° viewing angle.

With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, you can easily share all your recorded pictures and videos. No need for a complicated setup. You can transfer photos and movies quickly and easily to an NFC-compatible Android smartphone or tablet. This kit includes a power bank and MDR-XB550AP headphones.

Panasonic LUMIX G7

Without a mirror design, the Panasonic LUMIX G7 makes the camera housing compact and lightweight. While compact, it offers advanced audio, video, and creative control. They use smart focusing and exposure techniques that cannot be found on conventional DSLRs.

Given its basic configuration, the 16 MP Micro Four Thirds sensor is available without a low-pass filter. With it, you can safely shoot sharp images with a dynamic range.

ISO range between 100 and 25600. The noise reduction system captures sharp images in all lighting conditions. The internal Venus motor works effectively in diffraction compensation. Therefore, the image looks clear and very sharp even with a small hole.

This device supports 4K QHD (3840 x 2160) video recording. It also supports three 4K Ultra HD recordings at 25p and Full HD at 50p. The 8-megapixel photo mode with 30 frames per second allows the camera to take a variety of high-resolution images. This way you can capture the moment seconds.

Low-light AF makes it easy to focus more accurately on subjects in low-light conditions -4 EV. A high-resolution live OLED viewfinder is included. The 3-inch tilt/swivel LCD can easily tilt or rotate. It shows the display clearly even in bright sunlight.

Iris and shutter settings can be easily controlled from the front and rear discs. These controls give you easy control over ISO and white balance settings. You can define a preferred setting for each of the six function keys.

The built-in ports are a 2.5mm remote port, 3.5mm external microphone, and USB 2.0 and micro HDMI type D.

Sony Alpha ILCE5100L

The Sony digital SLR cameras shown above are known for their continuous movie recording and fast image processing. You can easily master photography skills step by step and simple. Easy-to-use connection options make it easy to share captured images and videos. The rotating LCD screen allows you to explore your creativity.

The Sony Alpha ILCE-5100L has a 24.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and 4K UHD video resolution. The ISO sensitivity range supported is between 100 and 25600.

The BIONZ X image processing mechanism is available in its configuration and offers fast image processing. With this Sony DSLR, you can record movies in full HD detail. In addition, Fast Hybrid AF captures images clearly. This device can track fast-moving objects through 179 AF points. Fast Hybrid AF movies are supported by artistic controls.

Advanced Lock AF aims right at your subject, and Eye AF focuses on the face. The maximum burst speed is up to 6 fps and is available with AF tracking. This feature allows for excellent tracking. It is important to note that continuous movie recording is allowed for about 29 minutes.

The lens mount is an E mount that is compatible with all G Master lenses. This lens mount is compatible with both the full-frame sensor and the cut sensor.

Due to modern noise reduction specific to the area, no visual distraction is perceived. The application of technology to reproduce details provides subtle texture. In addition, diffraction reduction technology improves lens performance.

With a 180 ° tiltable LCD screen, you can find creativity. With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, you can easily share all your recorded pictures and videos. No need for a complicated setup.

Fujifilm X-T100

With its stylish design, the mirrorless camera X-T100 from Fujifilm offers many functions. Advanced Bluetooth technology makes image transfer easy. The extended battery life lets you take multiple photos on a single charge. This stylish, portable, and versatile Fujifilm camera is the perfect companion for everyday photography. Highly recommended for beginners.

The 24.2 MP APS-C sensor is equipped with color rendering technology. The video resolution is UHD 4K. The ISO sensitivity range supported is between 100 and 51200.

This reflex camera is equipped with a phase-detection autofocus system. This system features an innovative algorithm for autofocus. This algorithm delivers fast and accurate focusing. Artistic expression is simplified with the X-T100 via advanced filters and film simulation modes.

The device is packed in a high magnification electronic viewfinder. The built-in battery has a strong battery life and allows up to 430 photos per charge. There is a three-way tilted LCD monitor in this camera housing. This screen is available in high resolution and magnification of 0.62 times.

There aa re super-fast autofocus and various automatic functions.

SR + ‘s advanced auto mode helps detect objects along with traditional scene detection. The latest Bluetooth technology makes transferring images easy. You can now easily share captured pictures and recorded videos on social media.

Generally, the inclusion of hard plastics makes the quality of the building permanent. Metal shrouds are on top and on the bottom. The stylish and elegant design allows you to use it comfortably without a mirror camera. Weighing only 448 grams and anodized coating on the top aluminum cover, this camera has a luxurious feel.

Olympus OM-D E-M10

Even a feature-rich DSLR can create instability when shooting and recording. However, this Olympus device is equipped with an image stabilization system to ensure high stability. There are quite a number of advanced features that can be accessed easily when needed. Its compact size makes it the ideal travel companion. There is no compromise on photo quality.

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 comes with a 4.1 / 3 MOS direct sensor with 16.1 MP. The type of sensor is a Micro Four Thirds system.

This device allows video recording with UHD 4K resolution. The video recording speed is 60 fps. In addition, this device transmits up to 8.5 images per second.

 THE supported ISO range is between 200 and 25600. There is support for silent mode and 4K time recording.

The integrated TruePic VII image processor is characterized by high accuracy and excellent autofocus speed. An OLED electronic viewfinder with 2.36 million dots is available. Available in 0.62x magnification.

5-axis on-body image stabilization provides stable images without blurring. With other DSLRs in this price range, it isn’t easy to achieve 5-axis image stabilization. This function allows you to take pictures by hand even at much slower shutter speeds.

Because of this, you can shoot at a lower ISO setting for a clearer quality image. Even though the photo resolution is only 16 MP, it is more than sufficient for most photographers.

There is an LCD touch screen measuring 3 inches on the surface with a slope of 1.04 m. Displays input, output, and various settings accurately.

There are many advanced features such as several external programmable buttons. All of these functions are easily accessible. Its compact size makes it the perfect device and doesn’t impact performance. Every control is properly placed.

Panasonic LUMIX G7

The Panasonic Lumix G7 is a first-rate mirror camera. It is lighter than a traditional DSLR but heavier than others without an SLR. The best camera is equipped with a 17.3 x 13.0 mm four-thirds CMOS sensor. This is ideal if you want to get closer to your standard lens. This type of sensor is usually ideal for wildlife photography. If you want to do the same, get this camera.

The resolution of this camera is around 16 MP, smaller than other similar cameras. However, you won’t see much difference when it comes to image quality. To the naked eye, no distinction could be made between such subtle planes.

In serial mode, you can take a maximum of 6 photos per second with this camera. It’s not the tallest of the group, but it will work. With the right lens combination, you can catch fast-moving athletes or birds. Plus, six frames per second is the amount you can get for this price. Only most of the premium cameras can be more expensive and cost around 1 lakh rupees.

For videographers, this camera supports 4K recording at a speed of 30 fps. It has 49 autofocus points covering almost the entire viewfinder. Therefore, it can be said that you can record high-quality videos with excellent accuracy. Overall, this is the best DSLR camera under 35,000 INR for those on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality.

The only problem with this camera is the battery life. When fully charged, you will only receive 360 ​​photos. So order extra batteries when you buy them.

Fujifilm X-A5

Fujifilm X-A5 is the sibling of the X-T100. It also lacks a mirror camera and has similar features to the X-T100, but is slightly cheaper and the body is very different. Even more compact and lighter, the latter comes in three unique colors – silver, brown, and pink.

The company uses the same 23.5 x 15.7mm APS-C CMOS sensor in both cameras, which explains the similar pricing. Image quality is absolutely the same in both cases. If you can’t afford the X-T100, this camera may be a cheaper alternative.

The device does not have an optical viewfinder. However, the touch screen functions as an electronic viewfinder. You can see the results of all your effects and settings in this viewfinder, making it easier to get the right image.

Fujifilm cameras aren’t the best when it comes to videography. We saw it with the X-T100 and had the same problem. Even though there are 91 autofocus points, it will be difficult for you to focus on the subject as you move. As a company, Fuji has to work on it and get it done, otherwise,t’s a great camera.

The X-A5 has decent battery life. You will receive more than 450 fully loaded photos. It’s not as good as any Nikon camera, but better than other products on this list. So we can accept it as a win. If you are looking for the best SLR under 40000 rs, this is a great option.

For connectivity, you have Bluetooth and WiFi built into the camera, making it ideal for transferring files on the go.

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