Best Car Dash Cams in India

For all drivers, safety has now become a big concern. Not just motorcycles, but now we can even see bikers trapped in their helmets with a camera. To remain healthy, it has become very important to have the best car dashcam!

However, it is also necessary to note that the Dashboard Camera itself can’t shield you from negative incidents. Always keep yourself safe by complying with all government standards and road safety standards, such as seat belts, speed limits, etc.

 Buyer’s Manual:- Before making the order, keep a few items in mind. These features or functionality can be tested –

 Channels – Dash Cam will record what is in the vehicle’s front and rear.

GPS and Software – GPS and dedicated apps encourage increased trust. The driving details on your devices, such as speed, location, video, etc can be recorded and synchronized.

Screen/No Screen – Some people would be able to check the live recording with their phones. Some don’t, though! This can lower prices or keep the product compact.

Hardware mounting – Some of the best sellers have their mounting hardware, which helps consumers to install on themselves such as a disc, cables, suction cups, hardware package.

Value of a camera – it’s a thing to look at. Videos in HD or at least 720-pixel quality must be capable of being captured.

Other – Micro SD Card, G-Sensor, Gyro sensor, car record facility, gyro sensor, parking surveillance, etc for battery, support, warranty, emergency, or back-up.

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