Best Car Dash Camera in India

Car Dashboard camera are becoming more and more crucial things for Indian drivers owing to the superb impeccable and utility capability to record and store video. Placing a dash cam on your car would provide you with the comfort to record your journey and the memorable moments along the way.
In addition to this, if you ever encounter an unprecedented circumstance (like an accident) on the road, a dash cam would record those moments, assuring a piece of evidence to show whose fault it really was. Plus, you can always put up the recorded video of an accident in front of the insurance guys who cannot deny such strong admissible evidence. So, a lot of profits are tagged along with these dashcams, right?
What is a dash cam?
A car dashboard camera is a small, windscreen-mounted, in-car camera recording everything in front and in some occurrence the rear of a driver. It can be a auto mobilizes independent witness when involved in an incident, while also saving on auto motorists money on their insurance.
Most dashboard camera also feature a great facilities like Parking Mode, which can record incidents and act as a brake against theft and damage while you are away from your vehicle.
How does a dash cam work?
A dashboard camera is placed onto the windscreen and records the road when you are on road. It’s powered via the lighter cable or can be mounted by hard wired into the fuse box. The dashboard camera starts recording automatically when the ignition key is turned. It records on a continuous loop, with each clip filmed on a short three minute time segment onto a micro SD card. Mentioned below are the top choices of dash cams that are gettable in India.
Top 2 Best Car Dash Camera in India
70mai Pro Car Dash Cam
APEMAN Dual Dash Camera