Philips AC2887 / 10 review, purifies the air from by removing ultra-fine particles.

Philips AC2887 10 review

In this article you will discover the review of the Philips AC2887 / 10, an air purifier with excellent features and a good quality / price ratio.

In indoor environments where you live or work every day, it is very important that a good level of air purity is guaranteed. For this reason, the best air purifiers that clean the air of polluting particles, viruses and bacteria, but also bad odors, are very useful, emitting clean and healthy air.

An air purifier has a fan that sucks in the air from the environment in which it is located, this air then passes through a filter that purifies it and puts it back into circulation.


General device overview

The Philips AC2887 / 10 is an air purifier that detects and removes particles up to 0.02 µm, a size smaller than PM2.5, as well as 99.9% of allergens and bacteria creating a healthy and clean environment in which you can breathe air purified.

This model of air purifier has VitaShield IPS filtering technology, certified by the European Center for Allergy Research.

It was created to make the air more liveable for allergy sufferers, in fact it filters 99.9% of the most common allergens and filters the air by cleaning it of impurities such as fine dust, bacteria and viruses larger than 0.2 microns.

Therefore, according to the directives of the World Health Organization, it filters avian influenza, legionella, human influenza and hepatitis virus which are larger than 0.2 microns.

It also removes polluting particles up to 20 nanometers in size, therefore it has an effect on those smaller than fine particles; it then eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria present in the air.

Philips AC2887 10 Air Purifier

Removes ultra-fine particles down to 0.02 µm (125 times smaller than PM2.5), 99.9% of common allergens and 99.9% of bacteria

Allows pollen allergy sufferers to suffer significantly less from symptoms such as sneezing, tears, red eye, itchy nose, itchiness and runny nose

Protects against pollution by removing particles up to 20 nanometers in size (125 times smaller than PM2.5 fine particles)

Shape, design and materials

The Philips AC2887 / 10 purifier has an ergonomic design that guarantees greater air flow, it is made of high quality hard white plastic.

The article weighs just over 7 kg, so it is very compact, and measures 24 x 35.9 x 55.8 centimeters.

So an important feature is portability, the purifier can be moved from one room to another allowing you to sanitize the air in all the rooms where you stop.

The power cable is 1.6 meters long, 220 V, has an absorption between 11 and 60 W, in stand-by it has a power consumption of less than 0.5 W.


Power of purification and type of filter

The purification system works with three types of NanoProtect filters: the pre-filter, the activated carbon filter and the HEPA filter which naturally purify the air through five different speed settings: silent, speed 1, 2, 3 and turbo speed .


The pre-filter retains the heavier particles that could damage the other filters, the Hepa filter is an air filtration system also recognized by the EU as an extremely efficient system for cleaning appliances; just think that these filters are also used in chemical laboratories and operating rooms to purify the air.


The HEPA filter is essential to eliminate all particles measuring a few microns such as pollen, mites and molds. The duration of this filter is obviously not eternal indeed it also depends on the frequency of use of the device, a HEPA filter can last between six months and two years.


In any case, you don’t have to worry because there are replacement HEPA filters FY2422 for this purifier on the market.


In the Philiphs AC2887 / 10 air purifier the active carbon filtering system is associated with HEPA technology. Activated carbon is a material that can retain a lot of organic substances present in the air.


The double filter, HEPA and CA, is very useful when pets live in the house, in fact they also filter bad smells.


The activated carbon filter sanitizes the environment by eliminating bad smells, the air entering the filter passes through its walls where the carbon granules neutralize odors and re-emit purified air into the environment. The AC filter can also be replaced because the life span can vary between 1200 hours and 3000 hours.


The life of the filters is calculated based on the presence of allergens, bacteria and molds in the environment as well as the air flow and the time it is put into operation.


Obviously the device will issue a warning when it is time to replace the filters, if these The AeraSense technology is equipped with a sensor that recognizes the smallest particles of PM2.5 including allergens that are found indoors and nestle, for example, in upholstery; then the purifier processes the information that the sensors receive to immediately improve the air conditions and emitting an instant and constant feedback that shows the air quality on the display in real time, highlighting the PM2.5 level.


It also purifies the air from pollution by removing ultra-fine particles.

This Philips purifier improves the microclimate that is created in the rooms by eliminating dust, mites, molds, pollen and bacteria and all those substances that cause allergic reactions.


People who suffer from allergies from inhalants, therefore respiratory, find relief using this device.


Thanks to the use of the Philips purifier, people allergic to pollen see a significant reduction in symptoms such as sneezing, tearing, eye redness, itchy nose and runny nose.


Not only allergy prevention, in fact it is also very useful for those houses in the city or areas very subject to smog that inevitably enters through the windows.



Philips AC2887 / 10 Air Purifier .

Philips AreaSense is equipped with a new technology that detects harmful particles and eliminates them from the air, purifying it and delivering clean air.


Its sensors control the air quality by giving immediate feedback through an LED light signal: the light is red when the air is saturated with polluting or harmful particles, on the other hand it turns blue when the air pollution is less. .


It has an aerodynamic design that guarantees a clean air flow of 344 cubic meters per hour, covering surfaces up to 79 square meters.


In addition to removing ultra-fine particles, bacteria and viruses, it reduces harmful gases such as formaldehyde and volatile compounds, it also eliminates bad odors.


This model is excellent for medium to large environments where it monitors and activates by automatically purifying the air by eliminating ultra-fine dust.


The working modes are automatic and there are three: general, allergens and bacteria and viruses, so you can choose according to the purification you want to choose.

Noise level

Very low sound emission for this purifier model equal to 20.5 dB, it also allows, in silent mode, a very low noise emission, reducing the fan speed, in order to guarantee a night’s rest.


To protect sleep, even the interface lights can be dimmed or turned off so as not to disturb.


Specifications and technical characteristics

Appearance and design

Air quality sensor: PM2.5 Aerasense

Control panel color: Black


Main body material: Plastic

Colors: White

Performance and power

Room size: Up to 79 m²

Virus filter: in 30 minutes, 99.99%

CADR: 333 m³ / h

Cable length: 1.6m

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 11 ~ 60W

Noise level: 20.5-51 dB (A)

Voltage: 220-240V

Weight and size

Package dimensions (L x W x H): 412 x 294 x 612 mm

Product size (L x W x H): 359 x 240 x 558mm

Weight including packaging: 9.3 Kg

Product weight: 7.7 kg

Conclusions and final considerations

On the market, there are different types of this model of vacuum cleaner based on the area you want to cover, therefore 49 m², 63 m², 79 m², 95 m², 104 m².


Unfortunately this particular model is not equipped with smart technology, it cannot be connected to WiFi so it cannot be controlled remotely, for example by turning it on before returning home in order to find an already sanitized environment, moreover it does not have a remote control or even a an internal timer that allows programming of switching on and off; if you want this convenience you can buy, separately, an external timer with weekly programming.


The purchase is recommended for those who want to clean the air of allergens, improving their health. The appliance also works as a dehumidifier, but you must be careful not to use it in damp rooms such as the bathroom, otherwise you risk damaging the filters; furthermore, these cannot be washed or dusted, but must be replaced directly.