mi air purifier 2s: Affordable, but cleans your room

mi air purifier 2s: Affordable, but cleans your room

In India, having clean, breathable air is no longer something that we can take for granted. The levels of pollution are getting so extreme that now we have reached a point where we need to seriously take action to protect ourselves. As the single biggest threat to human health, air pollution is quickly emerging. A WHO study reports that every year, 4.2 million people succumb to air pollution-related diseases, but what’s even scarier is that 3.8 million deaths a year are caused by indoor air pollution.

Stoic is the Mi Air Purifier 2S

There is an OLED screen on the front that displays the temperature and humidity, the room’s PM 2.5 level, and the function set for the purifier. There is now also a sensor on the top that seems to be searching for contaminants in the air to change the levels of filtration. Plus, the power cable is now reversible, not that it should in any way affect you.

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S was able to carry the numbers down in around 10 minutes to more breathable running in Auto.

Within, identical to its predecessor, the purifier has a three-layer cylindrical filtration device. The firm claims that at a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m3/hr, it can purify a room in 10 minutes. again is that for any numbers to do with air purification, you only have to take the word of the business.

Your first line of pollen, asthma, and winter protection

When it comes to air pollution, masks or simply a plain handkerchief would appear to be the ideal first line of protection. But, unless you still wear it, let’s be serious, it’s just impractical to rely on indoor masks.

The method

The Mi Air Purifier 2S has not changed much compared to the previous Mi Air Purifier 2 generation. There’s the addition of a small monitor that gives you real-time details about the amount of particulate matter, apart from the normal brushless DC motor that can run silently. Although it does not provide as much data as the much more advanced and pricier Dyson Pure Cool, on your Android or iOS device, you can get updated information of particulate matter levels on the accompanying Mi Home app.

The Filter

An H11-grade HEPA filter is implemented by the Mi Air Purifier 2S, which can protect PM2.5 particulate matter or particles with a diameter of about 2.5 microns. It is generally agreed, on the other hand, that human hair can vary between 17 and 181 microns. A coating of activated carbon, in addition to the HEPA filter, helps cope with the heavy formaldehyde odor during painting.

A warranty of 6 months comes with the filter in the Mi Air Purifier 2S. However, as well as the Mi Home app, you can see details about the remaining life of the filter on the show. From the Mi app, you can order a new filter.


A new one for India is the air purifier type. Brands such as Xiaomi, Honeywell, Samsung, and now Dyson, among many others, have been actively targeting market share growth in this segment since the air pollution scare reached its height a few years ago. Since the market has a wide variety of options, your chosen option depends on your specific goals. If it’s more advanced than you want real-time data, and if it’s precise about the form of particulate matter being purified, then it would make sense to be one of the higher-end products from companies like Samsung, Dyson, or Philips.

however, where you are bothered by the irritation caused by smoke, dust, and smog, without a strong medical problem to instantly concern you, then the Mi Air Purifier is truly your first line of defense against all the issues you want to escape from the heavy smoky winter nip. When you learn how your quality of life can be restored by an air purifier, it helps not to spend a fortune on one. The Mi Air Purifier 2S has everything you need to enhance the air quality at home, and you won’t regret buying one. If you buy this, what’s important to remember is that you have an enclosed house, where you don’t have outside air coming in through broken windows or ventilation holes in the wall.

Xiaomi uses a 3-stage filter for filtering the air. All the larger particles, such as dust, hair, and fur, are captured by a large external filter. The internal filter is an H11-grade (high-efficiency particulate air) HEPA filter for the capture of microscopic particles. H11 determines the efficiency that the filter functions with, which in this case is 95 percent. An H13 or H14-grade filter that filters with a 99.95-99.99 percent efficiency may be used by a more costly filter, such as one from Dyson, but H11 is more than enough for most homes.

The third and innermost filter is made of activated carbon, similar to what you will find in water purifiers, which is material. This filter captures chemical odors and other toxic compounds in the air that are harmful.

The fan faces the top and from all sides, through the filter, the air is drawn in.

Talking of fans, when picking up the Mi 2S, my main fear was that the fans would be too noisy. This, shockingly, wasn’t the case. The fan is dead silent in auto mode.

All things considered, I think for most homes, the Mi 2S is fine. It’s unobtrusive and quiet, and it seems to work very well. It is also well crafted, well built, and compatible with accessories for smart homes. What more could all ask for from an air filter, especially one that costs just Rs 8,999?


On a more positive scale, I think the investment in an air filter, no matter the brand, is more than worth it, considering the effect it has had on my health as well as that of my parents, and the Mi 2tely a good place to start.



The newly added OLED monitor display helps you to check the levels of PM2.5 in the room and keep track of how clean the air is. It also illustrates the levels of temperature and humidity.


Mi Air 2S Purifier

With the latest Mi Air Purifier 2S, breathe safe, odor-free, and allergen-free air now With an advanced OLED monitor, Laser Particle Sensor, and a high 310m3 PM/hr CADR, the new air purifier comes with an advanced OLED display, a high 310m3 PM/hr CADR that cleans a space effectively in 10 minutes. To remotely monitor your purifier from anywhere, set au, to on and understand the air quality and filter status of the app, use the Mi Home App.


Adjustment of Automatic Brightness

The monitor of the Mi Air Purifier 2S changes its brightness automatically according to ambient light so that your sleep is not disturbed.


High-Precision Sensor for Lasers

Particles are as small as 0.3μm are detected by the highly accurate Particulate Matter (PM) sensor and shown instantly on the OLED screen.

Purifies your room with a CADR of 310m3/h in 10 minutes

The Mi Air Purifier 2S allows our innovative pressurization design to provide quick and efficient air purification without taking up too much space. It can efficiently clean air in a room of up to 37m2 with a Clean Air Distribution Rate (CADR) of 310m3/h. A room 21m2, 2.4m high can be cleaned in 10 minutes.


For Full Purification, 3-Layer Filtration

Large airborne particles like dust and hair are absorbed by the outer layer.

H11-grade filtration technology from TORAY, Japan is used for the middle layer. This layer eliminates particles that are micron-sized and captures dangerous bacteria.

The inner layer, made of activated carbon of high quality, eliminates formaldehyde, other toxic substances, and odors efficiently.





Effective Tower-Architecture of the Structure

The standard tower-structure, demonstrated to be effective by two generations of air purifiers, guarantees maximum efficiency while retaining a compact design. 943 intake holes help to increase the space for air intake and form a cyclical air filtration pathway of 360 °.

Monitor the Mi Air Purifier 2S using the Mi Home App from anywhere. Check the consistency, temperature, and humidity of the air, change the strength of the fan, and set a timer to control the purifier. The app even notifies you automatically when it’s time to replace your filter.


Silent and Effective in Energy

The Mi Air Purifier 2S is engineered meticulously to minimize noise when your air is cleaned. The sound generated is nearly imperceptible in sleep mode.