KENT Water Purifier Purification Technology

KENT Water Purifier- Purification Technology

KENT RO water purifiers use double purification technology that utilizes RO and UV or UF in multiple stages of purification. The water can be recycled from various sources, such as groundwater/borewell, urban tap water, tankers, etc., through a combination of different purification technologies.

To complement the design of your modular kitchen, KENT offers a full range of thoroughly designed water purifiers. If you are looking for a tabletop, under the counter, or wall-mounted water purifiers, KENT provides it all.

The high capacity storage tanks coupled with elevated purification capacity make KENT purifiers an ideal choice for any Indian household.

Why Choose Water Purifier KENT?

KENT RO Systems is accredited in India for the implementation of RO purification technology, which speaks volumes about its technical genius.

The highest quality water purification standards are met by KENT purifiers. A variety of awards have been received by KENT water filter, such as the UNESCO “Best Domestic Water Purifier Award.”

From basic gravity-based purifiers to UV purifiers and technologically advanced RO purifiers, KENT offers a broad range of purifiers.

KENT has become one of the most trusted water purifier brands in India with its widest service network and quality goods.

Kent Water Purifier Brand Review and its Top Models

Kent is widely recognized for the performance of its home appliances and healthcare products. In the Indian market, Kent water purifiers are currently gaining more popularity. They are one of India’s most trusted and reputable manufacturers of water purifiers. The supplier sells water purifiers with sophisticated features,

Save water technology, double purification, and RO technology for minerals.

KENT Grand 8-Litre Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier Controller (White) 15 ltr/hr

It is one of Kent’s best-selling water purifiers. The product has a transparent design that demonstrates the integrated TDS controller and the RO mineral patent technology. For both homes and workplaces, it can be a smart option. You can use the water purifier for both tap water and municipal water.

KENT Gold Optima Non-electric Water Purifier 10-Litres Gravity Dependent (Aqua Blue/White)

There is a lower capacity for the water purifier, making it ideal for smaller families. You can always be assured of chemical-free and safe water with this appliance. There is a capacity of 10L for the water purifier, and it is also affordable. It is tested for efficiency and consistency.

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier(White and Aquamarine)

The Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV Water Purifier offers a glass of pure drinking water every day. The water purifier has a double purification process and performance characteristics of minerals or technology. These features ensure that impurities, such as chemicals and salts, are removed from the water while natural minerals are preserved.

TDS Controller Water Purifier, Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF

The water purifier has a nice design that makes it easier to see the built-in TDS controller and the RO technology patented by Kent. It also has a double purification system that ensures you drink water that is safe and balanced. Double purification eliminates the dissolved salts and chemicals, while the natural minerals are preserved by the TDS controller. 100 percent clean, healthy, and tasty drinking water is provided by the Kent Grand Plus water purifier.

KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF (White and Blue) Wall Mountable/Table Top 60-Ltr/hr Water Purifier with detachable storage tank

This is also a fantastic Kent water purifier that helps to get rid of dirty and unclean water. It utilizes the purification process of UV + UF, which makes the water germ-free and safe to drink. It also has an alarm system for filter change that offers an alarm when it is time for filter adjustment.

About Kent

Kent is unanimously considered to be one of the finest companies offering RO water purifiers. The manufacturer is armed with a vision for a healthy world, which is why innovative ideas are often pursued. In India, the organization started its activities. It has now become the leader in water purifier manufacturing in the area.

The Judgment of Our Own

Kent stocks a wide variety of water purifiers that you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget. The water purifiers are thoughtfully designed if you need a product design that can match your home appearance, which makes them a perfect choice. For the goods, there’s also a high capacity storage tank. The Kent mineral RO technology ensures that while maintaining essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, the water is purified. With all these features, we can confidently claim that Kent is the best brand to go for when you need a water purifier that can fulfill your household needs.

Get full peace of mind now on all KENT RO domestic water purifiers with 1-year warranty + 3 years AMC* FRE

The conventional RO purifies a lot of wastewater and maintains a very small amount of water that is filtered. This is why a system powered by a computer that helps to recover more water as it is filtered is used by KENT Pride. The small amount of water that is lost can be stored in a separate tank and used for different household purposes.

The internationally recognized WQA Gold Seal and NSF (USA) Certification have been awarded to KENT RO Purifiers.

Get full peace of mind now with 1-year warranty + 3 years AMC* FREE service, worth Rs. 3000.

KENT water purifiers have developed an overwhelming presence in the Indian market in recent years. KENT RO Systems is one of India’s most reputed and trusted brands for water purification.

With features like double purification, Mineral RO technology, and Save Water technology, KENT offers the most technologically advanced RO water purifiers.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work

A mixture of sediment, carbon filter, RO membrane, UV light, UF membrane, and post-carbon filter is used in the RO water purifier.

The Pre-Filters

Pre-filter helps extract bigger particles from water, such as sand silt, clay, and other sediments. The pre-filter helps to secure the RO membrane, which is clogged as a result of sediment and chlorine exposure. The carbon filter helps to eliminate harmful substances such as pesticides and is also sufficiently effective to remove bad odors from the water.

Membrane with Reverse Osmosis

The RO membrane is the next filter on our list. To block the minute impurities, water is pushed through the semi-permeable membrane. The membrane is a plastic synthetic substance that removes sodium, chlorine, and even larger molecules like urea, viruses, and bacteria. The drinking water systems for reverse osmosis also assist in eliminating lead, arsenic, copper, chromium, selenium, fluoride, etc.

Ultraviolet Lamp

A UV lamp that helps disinfect bacteria from the water by destroying all the harmful pathogens present in the water also comes with a RO water purifier. By attacking their genetic heart, the high-power UV ray kills the disease-causing microorganisms, thereby removing their ability to replicate. A UV lamp’s ultimate task is to kill 99.99% of harmful microorganisms from water, rendering it safe for use.


The next filtration phase that the RO purifier has is UF. It is a form of hollow fiber membrane through which water is forced to pass through, leaving behind impurities and providing pure and clean water.

Post Filter (Carbon Activated Filter)

It passes through the post-carbon filter until the water is finally refilled in the storage tank. The filter helps to eliminate any residual pollutants that pass through the membrane, making it fully clean and suitable for use.

In addition to this filter, TDS regulation is applied to the RO water purifier, which helps to preserve all the important natural minerals in the filtered water. Save Water Technology, which uses a computer-controlled process, comes with some of the RO water purifiers. The technology helps to recycle more than 50 percent of the water as filtered water, resulting in less wastage of water. Besides, the RO wastewater can be used to water the plant for various domestic purposes and also for irrigation.



KENT’s Brand New ‘Technology for Zero Water Wastage’

Unlike other RO filters, KENT’s Zero Water Wastage Technology guarantees no wastage of water while the purification process is running. Let’s look at how KENT Zero Water Wastage Technology operates:

Method for Multistage Purification

Multi-stage purification technology aims to make it functional by eliminating dissolved impurities from the water. It helps to eliminate impurities such as rust, arsenic, pesticides, fluorides, etc, and destroys bacteria and viruses, rendering the water safe to drink.

Technology for Zero Water Wastage

When using the Reverse Osmosis process, KENT’s Zero Water Wastage Technology offers clean water that is safe for use. But unlike traditional purification methods, KENT’s Zero Water Wastage Technology ensures that the rejected water is sent back by an internal pump to the overhead tank, resulting in no water wastage. For other household chores, one can reuse the water.

Retains Vital Minerals

The Zero Water Wastage Technology from KENT helps to preserve the critical minerals intact while purifying dissolved impurities such as rust, arsenic, calcium, and magnesium

About the bottom line

We hope you have understood the step-by-step procedure of the purification process of Reverse Osmosis water. This is one of the most powerful solutions that not only helps to eliminate water impurities but offers safe and balanced drinking water as well. Bring home today’s best RO water purifier.