Blue star air purifier , Is Blueair air purifier good?

Blue star air purifier

Blue Star is a well-known name in air conditioning and industrial refrigeration, With decades of experience in delivering expert cooling solutions, Recently, Blue Star has launched products such as air purifiers, water purifiers & more. So let’s find out whether or not the commodity is worth purchasing.

The Blue Star BSAP450SANW air purifier is sleek and beautiful in style and has a superior design.

Nanofiltration technology: Inhibiting contaminants such as bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms, it releases nano-sized water particles with strong OH radicals that purify the air.

Blue Star Air purifier Method of 4-stage filtration:

Pre-filter High-Density for large as well as solid particles such as fur, hair, and dust.True HEPA filter for the absorption of smoke, dust, allergens, pollen up to PM 2.5 levels, enhanced with EF technology.

Formaldehyde, gross volatile organic compounds, and odor are absorbed by the Silver Nano Carbon filter.Nano Technology consists of particles of nano-sized electrostatic atomized water that purify the air by inhibiting contaminants and micro-organisms such as mold and bacteria.At the pace of 420m3/h, clean air distribution

Suitable for a room 650 sqft.The Odour sensor tracks and shows the level of purification in real-time in terms of LED colors.

Mode of Sleep

Three-Option On/Off Timer (1hr, 4hr & 8hr)

In both these models, BS-AP250RAP & BS-AP90RAP, you do not even need to adjust any filter for life, as these models have a highly efficient dust collector that uses charged electrostatic filters to collect dust, smoke, and fine particles in a closed room environment up to PM 2.5.

Blue star air purifier Efficiency

When working to keep the air fresh and free from bacteria, molds, and odor, the Blue Star BSAP450SANW air purifier is very quiet. We suggest keeping the purifier in smart mode, as it senses the air quality automatically and changes the mode to clean out dust or odor or both accordingly. But if anyone is smoking in the room or has opened the door of the room for a longer time, you can manually change settings to clean the dust or odor in your room.

The high-density filter and True HEPA filter effectively filter out hair, fur, smoke, dust while the volatile organic compounds are extracted using the Silver Nano Carbon filter.

If you turn it on in a room that is closed for several days, the senseair technology is something that can be seen functioning instantly. It detects the odor or scent immediately and purifies the air within a short time.

The level of purification that could be achieved by this air purifier was surprising. Many purifiers are unable to achieve an air quality index below 25 PPM, yet within a short running span, this purifier easily achieved 10 PPM and held the air quality at that level almost all the time. The Blue Star BSAP450SANW air purifier is rated at 48 Watts, as stated earlier, so when the electricity bill problem occurs, it won’t affect you. It uses a much smaller amount of energy that you can barely find in your electricity bills, so you are good to go!

Blue start 7 step purification

This air purifier has been incorporated with a strong purification system of 7 stages that can provide cleaner and odorless air. This air purifier appears to absorb the particles with a filter integrated into various stages and allows you to deliver filtered air.

Step 1: Pre-filter of high-density aluminum: This filter is effective in eliminating the larger particles of dust found in the air.

Step 2: Cold Catalyst Filter: This filter absorbs aggressive odors such as benzene, odors, and TVOCs effectively. This is successful because almost 99 percent of the particles are eliminated from the air.

Step 3: Formaldehyde Removal Filter: This filter absorbs VOCs and formaldehyde efficiently, thus eliminating the chemicals from the air.

Step 4: Antibacterial filter: Even though naked eyes are unable to see, bacterial growth increases in the air. This filter inside the purifier allows the air to resist bacterial growth.

Step 5: Real HEPA Filter: This filter inside the air purifier enables the fine dust particles inside the air to be trapped. It can absorb 99.9 percent of PM 2.5 and PM 10 from the air.

Step 6: Sterilization of bacteria: This helps to deactivate airborne microbes. Some of the microorganisms that seriously hamper health are found in the air, such as Staphylococcus, Ecoli, and Fungi. This filter present may assist preserve help in keeping the growth of these microbes in the air away.

Step 7: MST: This provides pure air that is particularly free of impurities during sleep. In breathing fresh and pure air, MST helps.

The harmful pollutants present in the air vary their velocity according to the air quality within the room, thus allowing the indoor air quality to be quickly purified.



This air purifier has been equipped with wireless remote control, keeping in mind the comfort. Therefore, just to adjust the settings, you would not need to get up from your bed or sofa anymore.

Since it is important to replace the filter when too much dirt accumulates, this system has been built with an indicator that can warn you about the need to change the filter.

Mode of Sleep

This air purifier was built with a sleep mode, keeping in mind the need for kids. This mode makes it possible to work effectively but without turning on noise or illumination.

A great display has been developed for this unit. It allows the parameters of air quality to be seen.

This purifier has been engineered in a way that ensures performance when it comes to efficiency and purifying the air within the room. The incredible sensors inside the unit make it possible to adjust its mode according to the air quality.

When it comes to installation, there is no need for experts. This purifier has been built so that you can unbox and set up anything you need and you are ready to breathe fresh and clean air.

The indicator present in this system is effective in letting you know the quality of the air.

Unlike others, when installed in larger rooms, this purifier is successful. You should therefore remain assured that this air purifier will be able to remove the toxins from the air even when you have a large living room.


For people living in a highly polluted area, the Blue Star BS-AP490LAN 915 CMH 88-Watt Air Purifier is a great addition. This purifier will be able to absorb damaging microbes and toxins from the air with some of the high-end features.

With the aid of a 7 stage filtration system, the Blue Star 490 LAN Air Purifier is the ideal all-around device that takes care of all three forms of air contaminants, physical, chemical, and microbiological, and also has a high coverage area of up to 800 sq. ft. Giving it the benefit of a wider scope and a high precision of filtration. Large particles of fine dust are removed by the high-density aluminum pre-filter, the cold catalyst filter and the formaldehyde removal filter together absorb and eradicate offensive odors, benzene, TVOCs, formaldehyde smoke, and VOCs, the antibacterial filter helps resist bacterial growth, a real HEPA filter traps the particles of fine dust to the point of resisting bacterial growth

The microbe sterilizing technology deactivates airborne microbes and bacteria such as E Coli, fungi, and staphylococcus up to PM10 and PM2.5 and finally.

Digital Numeric Indicator

Digital PM2.5 numeric indicator for real-time air purification control and 3-stage LED real-time indoor odor indicator.

Mode of Good Sleep

Ensures complete purification during night relaxation/sleep time for pure air.

Technology for Microbe Sterilize

The Microbe Sterilize technique absorbs and deactivates dangerous microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye, such as bacteria, pollen, molds, and dust mites. In reality, it is so successful that 99.7 percent of microbes are permanently eliminated from your living room.

Sensor Odour

In the environment, sensor control detects bad odors and eliminates bad odors.

Technology at SensAir

To intelligently feel, identify, continuously track, and show the existence of harmful contaminants inside the closed area, SensAir Technology uses the most advanced Auto Sensor.SensAir Technology varies the speed and efficiency to automatically purify the indoor air quality, depending on the quality and quantity of harmful contaminants, releasing only pure and clean air within the room.

HEPA  Real Filter

Traps up to PM10 and PM2.5 fine dust particulate matter (^99.9 percent removal rate).

Does this purifier of blue star air release ions into the air?

purifier does not filter air. It is an air purifier with HEPA, which sucks air through various filters and releases clean air. If you use it in a space not larger than 20X20 in size, this is much better.

How much is the life & replacement price of the filter? Where are they accessible from as well?

Filter life 1 year when u use it 8 hours a day but once in 15 days u need to clean pre-filter and once in 2 months rest filter. Price for the whole 4K filter. The heap filter is approximately 2k. The residual filter is around 2k.

Does Anion technology integrate it? No, it doesn’t have, but I purchased another Fresh Air machine that also has several other innovations along with ionization.

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